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5 Ways to Beat the Sakura School Simulator Tax Boss in Just 2 Seconds!!

How to Defeat Sakura School Simulator’s Tax Boss – Since its release a few years ago, until now Sakura School Simulator has had many fans. This is of course thanks to the excitement that the game offers.

Talking about the game Sakura School Simulator (SSS) maybe some of you have been players of the game since it first appeared or only recently. Well, as a Sakura School Simulator player, of course you already know some of the important missions available in it.

One of the most important missions in Sakura School Simulator is defeating the Tax Boss. Although this mission is almost known to all Sakura School Simulator players, there are still many who find it difficult to beat the Tax Boss.

For those of you who also don’t know how to beat the Tax Boss, you don’t need to worry because here we have prepared a complete discussion on how to complete the mission. But remember, in carrying out the mission you need special conditions in the form of weapons. Well, instead of being curious, just look at the full information below.

Requirements to finish off the tax boss in a short time

Requirements to finish off the tax boss in a short time

As we mentioned above, Sakura School Simulator is one of the mobile games with a large number of fans. In this game application you can enjoy the fun of adventuring freely in Japan.

The main character of this game is Sakura with many professions that can be undertaken, ranging from students, workers and even being a housewife after getting married and having children. In addition, here you can also act as a money robber at the Tax Office.

To do this profession, you must be able to defeat the Tax Boss first. Before we explain how to beat him, please fulfill the following conditions:

1. Have a Shotgun

The first condition, you must pick up gunsa Shotgun in Himawari Yakuza Office. The location of this office is next to the school building. If you have successfully entered, please take the Shotgun in the room above.

2. Have a Minimum Money of 18000 Yen

The second condition, you also must have a minimum of 18000 Yen to buy Shotgun bullets in the Harbor. One pack of Shotgun bullets costs 2000 Yen and at least you have to buy the item 3 to 6 packs.

Besides that, you also need to buy items Charm (Damage Reduction). This item is useful for increasing the power of Shotgun bullets. So that when used to defeat the Tax Boss, the target can immediately die in just 2 seconds.

Meanwhile, to get money in Sakura School Simulator, you can walk through all the rooms in the Yakuza Himawari Office or pick it up at home.

How to Defeat Sakura School Simulator’s Tax Boss

How to Defeat Sakura School Simulator's Tax Boss

If all of the above conditions have been met, now proceed to the core of the discussion, which is about how to beat the Sakura School Simulator Tax Boss in 2 seconds. Before that, you also need to know the reason why the Tax Boss must be killed.

So, based on the information we got, the Tax Boss is one of the Evil characters in Sakura School Simulator who is famous for being cunning and likes corruption. Therefore, as a player you are given a mission to defeat him.

Alright, without the need to linger, just take a look at the tutorial below:

1. Go to the Tax Office

Go to the Tax Office

First of all, please come to the Tax Office by boarding a Jetpack or doing Teleportation.

2. Shoot the Tax Boss

Shoot the Tax Boss

Arriving there, you immediately go to the top room to meet the Tax Boss. If you have found it, direct the Shotgun that has been prepared to defeat the Tax Boss.

3. Successfully Defeat the Tax Boss

Successfully Defeat the Tax Boss

Now the Tax Boss has succeed defeated.

Advantages of Defeating Tax Bosses in SSS

Advantages of Defeating Tax Bosses in SSS

After successfully defeating the leader of the Tax Office through the above method, what will be obtained as a reward? So, after successfully disabling the Tax Boss, the safe door at the Tax Office will open.

Inside the Vault is a bunch of Gold as well as 50,000 Yen worth of money which can be taken as a reward for defeating the Tax Boss. That way, this mission can be the best choice for you Sakura School Simulator players who want to have a lot of money.


So that’s how to get rid of the Tax Boss who likes corruption in Sakura School Simulator. In essence, in completing the mission above, you must have a Shotgun complete with the required ammunition, namely Shotgun bullets and Damage Reduction items. also explains that through the above method you can defeat the Tax Boss in just 2 seconds. After the Tax Boss dies, later you can access the Safe to pick up prizes in the form of money worth 50,000 Yen and hundreds of kg of Gold.