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5 Tips for Doing Deadly Jump Shots in Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire is a battle royale game that is fun to play. The gameplay of this game also has fun, where we have to kill enemies with various weapons. Well, this time Dafunda Game will share a few tips to do a deadly Jump Shot FF.

Of course, with these tips you can do a Jump Shoot which automatically auto headshots the enemy. Jump Shoot is one of the most popular ways to kill enemies in Free Fire. Many Pro players have done this method, and it has proven to be effective.

The Jump Shot FF tips that we will share are commonly used by Pro Players in playing. So you will lose if you don’t listen to it to the end. Well, don’t linger any longer, here are the tips.

Tips for Doing Jump Shoot FF Auto Headshot

1. Use Shotgun Or AR (Assault Rifle)

Use Shotgun Senjata
Use Shotgun or AR Weapon | Pinterest

If you want to do Jump Shot FF perfectly, of course you have to use a weapon that does damage. Tips in Jump Shot FF, we advise you to use a Shotgun or Assault Rifle. Because both weapons support Jump Shot.

The damage from both weapons is quite painful. At close range these two weapons are equally deadly to kill the enemy.

2. Do It With Rush

Rush | Pinterest

The second tip for doing Jump Shoot FF is that you have to be able to play aggressively against the enemy’s defense. This is very often done by Pro Player players. With an aggressive game, of course, the enemy will be surprised, so their game will be messy.

When you’re about to attack an enemy, jump straight up to direct a shot at the enemy’s head.

3. Adjust Sensitivity

Tips Jump shot ff

Third, you need to set the sensitivity of your Free Fire. Arrange it in such a way that it fits your wholeness. This will be very helpful in doing Jump Shot FF. That way you won’t have trouble sliding the screen and attacking enemies. You can set the sensitivity of FF like a pro player.

4. Look for Outdoors

Open Place
Open Place | Pinterest

Now for the fourth Jump Shot FF tips, you need to find an open place. This will make it easier for you to do Jump Shot, because the view is wider. Do an aggressive game by approaching the enemy and then do a Jump Shot to finish off the enemy.

We really don’t recommend that you do it in a closed place because it can result in a narrow view. A broad view is the most important thing in this case.

5. Do It With One Shot

Do Shots
Make a Shot | Pinterest

If you are already dealing with one-on-one enemies. You must make a jump when you meet directly. Paralyze the enemy with a single hit to the head. So that the enemy immediately knocks out and is killed.

So, those are the tips or how to Jump Shot Free Fire (FF) which turns off auto headshot in the style of a pro player. Don’t forget to follow Dafunda Game to get other interesting information about Free Fire Tips.