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5 Ridiculous Things You Might Have Do While Playing Mobile Legends

Many stories have happened when it comes to the Mobile Legends game. This Moba game is a game that was popular in Indonesia. One of the interesting stories is definitely about the ridiculous things we used to do. This ridiculous thing usually happens because a player doesn’t know because he just plays without following the tutorial properly. Therefore, we have summarized 5 silly things you might have done while playing Mobile Legends.

1. Attack Turrent Alone

Junebe this is a silly thing that most Mobile Legends players have done. Attack the Turrent alone without the Minions accompanied. As we know the Turrent Unit is the main unit in the Moba game, if the Hero is hit by a Turrent Damage attack it is quite fatal. That’s why Minions are held to overcome the Damage Turrent.

2. Walk to Base

Next is to walk to the Base to replenish HP and Mana. Junebe some of you have done this ridiculous thing. The reason is that not all new players know the Recall function, which is useful for Teleporting directly to Base. Because many players don’t know the Recall function, many of them will walk to Base.

3. Want to recall in Brawl Mode

Who has never done this one ridiculous thing. Almost the average Mobile Legends player has made a recall when playing in Brawl Mode. Even though Brawl is a Mode where if we go to Base only to buy Build and can’t fill HP. For those who have done this, they must have been surprised at first because there is no Recall button which is usually there. So for players who don’t know they will walk to the base to fill up their HP and Mana.

4. scramble Buff

It is certain that you have experienced this, namely the struggle for Buff. Buff is one of the supporting factors that can strengthen our Hero. Because of this, many players want to take this buff. Not infrequently they fight just because of Buff, in fact many of them get angry with the lure of AFK because they are not given Buff. I feel uncomfortable and annoyed when I meet players with this nature.

5. Change Flag Let Meet Player Foreign The Pros

Have you ever changed the Flag in order to meet a pro outsider or not to meet a Noob. If that’s your excuse then it’s useless, in fact it is a ridiculous thing. How come? Because the flag in Mobile Legends is just for decoration. If you want to meet foreign players, of course, you have to have a different server using a VPN.