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5 of Ling's Coolest Skins in Mobile Legends, Must Have!

5 of Ling’s Coolest Skins in Mobile Legends, Must Have!

Ling will get a cool skin after the latest Mobile Legends collaboration leaks. Talking about cool skins, there have been many cool skins from Ling that have been presented.

It’s really mandatory for Ling users to have the skin because it’s proven to have really cool effects. Ling himself is in high demand due to his recent changes in the patch.

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Without further ado, here’s a row of cool skins belonging to Ling Mobile Legends.

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Street Punk – Starlight

Ling Mobile Legends

First, there is Ling’s Starlight skin, which is very good in model and skill effects. This skin is a favorite of Ling players because the skin is quite light and easy to do combos.

Serene Plume – Collector

Ling Collector
Photo via Moonton

This skin is indeed quite expensive, but it is equivalent to the skill effect given so that you get better at playing Ling.

This skin is also considered light by most Ling players. This is very suitable for use in rank.

Night Shade – Dragon Tamer

Free Ling Skin Mobile Legends

Its purple effect is very different from most Ling’s skins. The circle from Ultimate is easy to read, making it easier for those of you who want to learn Ling’s hero.

It’s not difficult to get this skin because it is sold in the shop for 899 diamonds.

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M World Ling – 515

Photo via Mobile Legends

Ling’s newest skin that many players might have. The difficulty of playing Ling is due to his unique circle. But that’s all because of the skin effect that is not cans. Junebe Ling pro players can use this skin well.

Cosmo Guard – Special

Mobile legends free skins

One of Ling’s best skins is Special, Ling has a good Special skin, namely Cosmo Guard, the effect is also quite good. The skill color is also good, quite affordable to get because it is sold in the shop for 749 diamonds.

What do you think? The skin is really good, yes, it’s a must have with user Ling. Besides the good model, the skill effect is also very cool.

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