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5 Hero Marksman Auto Win in Rank Epic Mobile Legends

Here are 5 auto-win marksman heroes in the Mobile Legends epic rank, especially for those of you who want to get out of the epic rank immediately!

Are you stuck at epic rank even though you want to reset the season soon? Calm down, all you have to do is pick these 5 marksman heroes that can make you auto win.

These five marksman heroes in Mobile Legends are equipped with excellent skills plus low mechanics, so they are very suitable for those of you who are still in epic rank.

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Hero marksman mobile legends
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Beatrix is ​​the first one, we highly recommend you pick when you want to win easily in the epic rank of Mobile Legends. This mm hero has 4 different weapons, each of which has an op ability.

Popol & Kupa

The best marksman hero
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If you want to always play objective, then Popol & Kupa is the best hero choice. Not to mention that this mm hero can easily win lane against other mm heroes.


Brody Skins

For Brody, it is specifically aimed at players who are relaxed but still want to be effective in winning matches easily. You just need to mark your opponent with the stack, then click on skill 3 Brody, then your opponent can die immediately and even get killed.


Goldlane marksman
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Then there is Moskov, this MM is specifically for active players. Because Moskov relies heavily on his skills when fighting.


ML Tournament Special Skin
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Finally there is Clint, you only need to control which one to make Clint effectively play. Because the damage from this mm hero is already very large, it’s just a matter of which one you use.

Those are 5 auto-win marksman heroes in the Mobile Legends epic rank, is there one of your mainstay heroes?

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