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5 Hero Mage OP Mobile Legends That Must Use Spell Sprint

Here is a list of 5 hero mage op Mobile Legends which must use the sprint spell when you play, don’t use other spells.

The sprint spell is one of the most popular spells in Indonesia Mobile Legends lately, this spell can make the user move very quickly accompanied by a short cooldown.

So about that, there are several mage op heroes Mobile Legends who must use the sprint spell when you play, anyone?

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Hero jungler op mlbb
Photo via @yuu_chi_art

Not having high mobility is the reason Angela must use this sprint spell. Plus skills 1 and 2 have a damage area that is close enough so that if caught Angela must be able to escape quickly from the opponent and this sprint spell is the solution.


skins season 17 mobile legends

Having the biggest weakness in the form of a slow movement speed makes Cyclops absolutely mandatory to use this sprint spell. 80% of Cyclops will be helped by this sprint spell.


Hero mage instant kill mobile legends
Photo via WallpaperAccess

Then there’s Vale, even though he can dodge and fight back against the geek heroes, Vale still needs this sprint spell as his last defense.


mobile legends strong mage hero
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Having a weakness in the form of not being able to fight at close range makes Cecilion have to use this spell to defend or attack though.


Counter Xavier
Photo via Novazenn

His very poor mobility requires Xavier to use this sprint spell when you play. Guaranteed opponents will find it difficult to pick up Xavier who has a slow movement.

Those are some mage op heroes Mobile Legends which according to SPIN Esports is absolutely mandatory to use this sprint spell.

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