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5 Game Booster Applications for Anti-lag HP

Who hasn’t played the game yet? some play games to get rid of their tired work, some play games to make money. There are many exciting games that can be downloaded through the application on the smartphone.

Therefore, so that you avoid lag, it’s a good idea to download a game booster application. So this application serves to increase gaming speed when you play games. Not only that, this application can also save your battery later.

interested right? Here are 5 game booster applications!

1. Game Booster: Speed ​​Up Phone.


So this application belonging to IGNIS APP Studio also has interesting features in the form of three mainstay modes. the first is the Long Play mode, so that your battery usage becomes efficient. Then there’s Power Play, for the most optimal experience. And finally the Offline Play feature, for playing offline games. Well of course this choice is adjusted to the game you are playing.

2. Dr Booster.


The most downloaded game booster application on the playstore is Dr. Boosters. One of its interesting features is Direct Boost which is equipped with a floating boost button. Amazingly, this application can also be used to move game application files in the internal memory to a microSD card.

3. Speed ​​Booster.


One of the excellent features of this application is that it can save battery usage and reduce hot CPU temperatures, even when playing games for a long time.

4. Game Booster 2022: Phone Cooler.


The Game Booster 2022: Phone Cooler application has advantages including being able to prevent heat. By hibernating other applications that are running when the smartphone is used to play games.

5. Game Booster Act.


And the last application that you can try is UU Game Booster. This application has features that seem modern and sophisticated. But the drawback is that it can only be used for free for 3 days. Another advantage is that it can stabilize the internet network when you are playing games.