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5 Forgotten Mage Heroes in Mobile Legends Because of Poor Mobility

Did you know that these 5 Mobile Legends hero mages were forgotten by the players because their mobility was very bad.

The average forgotten heroes in Mobile Legends are all due to poor mobility like these five mage heroes.

Where they are all forgotten or unused by players because they have very bad mobility, even they have not been used for several seasons. Who are the 5 heroes?

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Hero mage op mobile legends

Gord being the first as a hero mage is the most forgotten because his mobility is very bad, just imagine every time Gord uses his skills, his body must stay in place.

That makes him vulnerable to attack plus he has no escape skills at all.


Vexana Revamp

Then there is Vexana, if the Vexana skill combo fails to hit the opponent, killing this hero is very easy.

His poor mobility is the reason and he relies heavily on his 1st skill while defending.



Then there is Odette, you could say Odette is the slowest hero in Mobile Legends. Even though it’s equipped with OP abilities, it’s still very easy to beat this hero.


Aurora mobile legends
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Then there is Aurora, the hero who can kill in one combo is also very weak in terms of mobility. Even to join the team fight, Aurora is very slow and can be left behind.


Hero op mobile legends eudora
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Finally, there is Eudora, you can only lock 1 hero plus only relying on skills makes Eudora very easy to beat.

His poor mobility was the main reason, when he failed to use his combo even once, it backfired on Eudora.

Those are 5 mage heroes that Mobile Legends players forget because of their poor mobility.

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