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5 Easy Ways to Change Formation in PES 2022 Android

eFootball PES 2022 or PES 2022 android is one of the most popular games today. Talking about this game, do you know how to change the formation in PES 2022 android? if not, keep reading this review to the end.

In the PES 2022 Mobile game, there are many features, one of which is Manager. This feature serves to change the pattern of the game as desired. However, we can’t change the game formation like on PS4 or PC.

PES 2022 android only provides one game pattern for each Manager. Besides that, to get a Manager we also have to buy it with GP Coins. Don’t worry, there are many Manager options with slick game tactics at a friendly price.

At this point, maybe you are curious about how to replace or use the Manager of choice to strengthen the PES 2022 squad. Well, for more details, let’s just look at the more detailed discussion below.

Here’s How to Change Formation in PES 2022 Android Easily

How to Change Formation in PES 2022 Android

To change the formation in the PES 2022 eFootball game, it is certainly different from PES 2022 on console or PC. In this game, you cannot change formations arbitrarily, but must buy a manager first. Every manager in PES 2022 android has their own game pattern. Well, here are the steps to change the formation in PES 2022 android:

1. Open Game eFootball PES 2022

Open Game eFootball PES 2020

2. Select Wisma Club -> Management Squad

Choose Wisma Club Management Squad

3. Tap the Manager icon on the top left -> Change Manager

Tap the Manager icon on the top left Switch Manager

4. Select one of the managers to use

Choose one of the managers to use

5. Finally, please select Confirm

Finally, please select Confirm

How to get a manager in PES 2022 Mobile

Then to get a formation or manager in the PES 2022 android game we need GP coins. These coins will be useful as a means of payment in buying the best managers. Below we present the procedure for getting a Manager in PES 2022 Mobile:

1. On the main screen, please select the Contract menu

In the main view, please select the Contract menu

2. Tap the Manager menu in the lower right corner

After selecting the Manager menu, you will find many Manager options with their respective game patterns.

3. Choose the Manager with the best game pattern

Choose the Manager with the best game pattern

4. Make sure you have enough GP Coins

Manger prices in PES 2022 android are usually priced from 10 thousand to 25 thousand GP coins.

5. If you have, please click Recruit

If so, please click Recruit

Tips to Play Dominate in PES 2022 Mobile

Tips to Play Dominate in PES 2020 Mobile

If we talk about skill, we may not be able to beat it evenly, because every PES 2022 android player has various abilities. However, we have some tips that can make you better at dominating matches in eFootball PES 2022. So, what are these tips? just take a look below:

Use the Best Formation

What is meant by the best formation here is a tight game pattern with the strength of the manager and maximum team spirit. As a reference, I myself use a 3-2-2-3 type of formation with a team spirit of 99 and a cost of 870.

Correct Player Position

Put your players in the positions they like, so they can play optimally. Also, use a special item called Position Booster so they can play flexibly.

Train Players to the Maximum

Every time you recruit new players, you must train these players to the maximum. This of course aims to make the quality of players better so they can dominate the game and even become a goal machine for your club.

That’s the procedure for changing the formation in PES 2022 androdi that we have summarized for you. Besides that, also added information about how to get a manager to tips on playing dominate in eFootball PES 2022 android. In addition to the reviews above, we also briefly discussed how to swap players in PES 2022 Mobile and how to overcome PES 2022 lags on Android phones which may be useful for you.