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5 Easiest Ways to Delete Garena Account

Garena is a game developer based in Singapore. There are many ngabuburit games published by Garena, ranging from AOV, COD, Free Fire and so on. Talking about Garena, many questions arise regarding how to delete a Garena account. Can Garena account be deleted and then how to delete it.

Well, here will present information on how to delete a Garena account in a very complete and detailed way. Basically, deleting the account can be done, however, it takes quite a long time. Actually, Garena accounts that have been inactive for more or less will be automatically deleted.

You need to know that deleting an account will permanently delete all of your account information starting from your Username, Summoner name, email address, and purchase history. That way the account cannot be accessed again and this process cannot be reversed. Account deletion will take approximately 15 days.

You cannot access the account during that time and the account will not be able to be restored if it has been deleted. So before deleting a Garena account, make sure first whether you are really going to delete the account. So, if you are determined to delete an account, then this is the right time to find out how.

The Easiest Way to Delete a Garena Account

The Garena Website frequently hosts and also promotes a number of global games from various game developers. The company also frequently hosts online tournaments and gaming leagues. Well, this opportunity allows you to become the youngest Esports athlete with a fantastic income. So, for those who really want to delete their Garena account, here’s how.

How to Delete Garena Account

How to Delete Garena Account

How to delete an account can’t be done easily if you no longer want to play. You can still buy Name Changer if you want to change your account. The account will be automatically deleted if it has been inactive for approximately 6 months.

  1. The first step is to open Garena’s official website at
  2. Then, log in to your Garena account.
  3. After that, select the Account Settings menu at the bottom of the Garena tab.
  4. Select delete or delete all personal information manually from your profile and account.
  5. Save your changes such as Username, Summoner Name, Email Address and Purchase History.

That’s the information the game can convey. Before deleting, think carefully about whether you really want to delete the account. Don’t regret in the future for deleting Garena’s account. After knowing how to delete the account please try and good luck.