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5 Differences in RAM and ROM on Gaming Mobiles (Android & iPhone)

What is the difference between RAM and ROM? The terms RAM and ROM often appear when we are looking at the specifications of an Android or iPhone cellphone. Smart phones or smartphones are always equipped with RAM and ROM. The RAM capacity on the cellphone is always smaller than the ROM. Why ? Because the function and the two components are different from each other. What are the differences between ROM and RAM? What should be considered when choosing a gaming cellphone?

difference between ram and rom

1. Understanding RAM and ROM

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. ROM stands for Read Only Memory. These two memory components are used in all devices that use the operating system, one of which is a smart phone or smartphone. These two types of memory devices have different functions and ways of working.

difference between rom and ram

RAM is memory that can store data that can be accessed randomly regardless of the layout of the data. Meanwhile, ROM is a component that can store and read data that is permanent. ROM can store data longer and permanently because data will not be lost when the ROM is not powered. Unlike ROM, the memory in RAM will be lost when it is not powered or the cellphone device is turned off.

2. Functions and Duties

RAM is the memory component used to access random data from the operating system and applications. The most important function and task of RAM is to store application and system data that changes over time. On the other hand, ROM has the function and task of storing permanent data of the operating system, applications, and other data that does not change every second.

RAM can write and read data much faster than ROM. RAM speed is calculated in nanoseconds. Because their functions are different, cellphone manufacturers usually separate capacity information between RAM and ROM when marketing their products.

3. How ROM vs RAM Works

When electrified, RAM will work as a temporary storage area for operational data from applications and operating systems that are running. So the more applications that run, the more data is stored in RAM. Therefore, for gaming cellphones, it is recommended to buy a cellphone with at least 4GB of RAM. A minimum RAM capacity of 4GB is enough to make the game run smoothly.

the difference between how ram and rom work

After the application is shut down, the data in RAM will be deleted. The opposite of RAM, the way ROM works is more permanent. When storing data, ROM requires electrical power. But when the data is stored in ROM it will be permanent. In fact, when the power supply fails, the data will still be stored in ROM.

4. Different Types of RAM and ROM

RAM has two types, namely: DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) and SRAM (Static Random Access Memory). DRAM is memory that can store each data bit separately capacitated in an integrated circuit. While SRAM is memory that utilizes transistors without the need for capacitors. SRAM memory is usually used as cache memory.

the difference between ram and rom components

As for ROM, there are 3 types, namely PROM (Programmable Read Only Memory), EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory), and EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory). The type of ROM memory used in Android and iPhone phones is EEPROM. Flash memory based on EEPROM in the cellphone can erase and write data repeatedly up to more than 100 thousand times.

5. RAM and ROM capacity

The easiest way to tell the difference between RAM and ROM is to look at their capacity. RAM capacity is always smaller than ROM. Why ? Because the need for data stored and read in RAM is less than ROM. Examples of RAM and ROM are for example the Vivo Y17 Android cellphone has 4GB RAM and 128 GB ROM. ROM is also often referred to as internal memory.

difference between ram and rom on cellphone

If you want to buy a gaming cellphone, it is recommended to buy a gaming cellphone with at least 4GB RAM and at least 64GB ROM. The ROM capacity can still be increased by adding a Micro SD memory card, if the cellphone you bought has a special slot for the memory card. Read: Cheap cellphones with big RAM.