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5 Differences between Cheap HP itel Vision 2 and itel Vision 3

itel keeps trying to enliven the market smartphone Indonesia has been involved since 2022. The company, which is shaded by Transsion Holdings, also launched its first cellphone for 2022 when it entered June. The cellphone in question is itel Vision 3.

This latest HP itel is attractive to some Indonesian consumers, considering the price is quite cheap, which is only Rp. 1 million. However, you as a potential buyer also need to know what are the differences between the itel Vision 3 and its predecessor, the itel Vision 2.

By knowing the differences between the two products, you can see the improvements provided as well as give an assessment of each HP. Well, before going into the discussion, please consider the main specifications of the two phones as follows.

Specifications of itel Vision 2

itel Vision 2
Screen 6.6 inch IPS LCD
Chipset Unisoc SC9863A
Internal Memory 64GB

13 MP (wide)

2 MP (macro)

2 MP (depth)

Battery Li-Po 4000 mAh
Price At Release IDR 1,349,000

Specifications of itel Vision 3

itel vision 3
Screen 6.6 inch IPS LCD
Chipset Unisoc SC9863A
Internal Memory 32GB, 64GB

8 MP (wide)

2 MP (AI)

Battery Li-Po 5000 mAh
Price At Release IDR 1,199,000

Difference between itel Vision 2 and itel Vision 3

There are five sectors that make the difference between itel Vision 2 and itel Vision 3. What are they? Let’s see one by one the comparison points of the two phones below.

1. Design and Dimension

itel vision 2

itel did not specify the name of the design used on the two phones. They only mention that the itel Vision 2 and Vision 3 both have the same body slim. This statement is not wrong considering the thickness of the body of the two phones is quite reasonable.

the itel Vision 2 is slightly thinner and lighter, with overall dimensions of 164.7 x 76.3 x 8.3 mm plus a weight of 184.1 grams. Meanwhile, the itel Vision 3 has dimensions of 164.5 x 76.8 x 8.5 mm and weighs 193 grams. the itel Vision 3 looks heavier.

If you look further, the appearance of the back of the two phones is similar. The back cover is made of polycarbonate material with matte finish which is free of fingerprints. The back cover has the effect of stripes that radiate in all directions, starting from the camera module.

This effect appears if the user looks at the body of the phone from a different orientation. Although similar, the back covers of the two phones have two differentiating factors, namely the camera module and color options.

For the itel Vision2, the camera module is filled with three circles of the camera lens with one circle labeled AI. To the right of the circles is an elliptical flash.

itel vision 3

Meanwhile, itel Vision 3, which has the international name itel S17, is simpler. There are only three symmetrical circles inside the camera module, though only two of them work. Beside the circles there is one lamp flash which is a small circle.

Moving on to color choices, itel Vision 2 comes in Blue and Green colors. The itel Vision 3 has three fresh color options: Multicolor Green, Sky Blue, Deep Ocean Black.

The final difference regarding the design of the two phones is on the face. The older itel Vision 2 has actually adopted a screen with punch holes camera in the upper left corner. itel Vision 3 even looks a bit old school because it uses a screen with a model like a water drop.

2. Camera

itel vision 2

As explained in the design points, the itel Vision 2 has four circles on its camera module. However, only three are active. The three circles represent a 13 MP main camera, a 2 MP macro camera, and a depth sensor.

The number of rear cameras on this cellphone is more than the itel Vision 3. The latter only has an 8 MP main camera accompanied by a 2 MP AI lens.

The differences continue to the front. On itel Vision 2, camera selfie used has a resolution of 8 MP. The megapixel size is bigger than the camera selfie itel Vision 3 which is only 5 MP. The two phones can produce video recording with a maximum resolution of Full HD 30 fps.

3. Memory Configuration

itel vision

The itel Vision 2 that entered Indonesia has one memory configuration, namely 3 GB RAM plus 64 GB internal storage. Meanwhile, the itel Vision 3 comes with a memory configuration of 2 GB RAM with 32 GB storage.

Until this article was written, itel Indonesia had not confirmed whether it would launch the itel Vision 3 3/64 GB variant. However, 3/64 GB of memory is recommended, especially if the phone is used for a long time. It can only be found on the Vision 2.

On the other hand, itel provides a dedicated microSD slot for both phones. This slot can be used by users to increase storage space.

Users can install a microSD card up to a capacity of 128 GB. By installing a microSD card, you can dedicate HP’s internal memory as a dedicated space for the installation of applications and applications. Meanwhile, microSD is used to store files media or documents.

4. Battery

itel vision 2

itel Vision 2 is equipped with a 4000 mAh battery which is quite enough for standards smartphone present time. However, the successor got upgrade capacity. Yes, now itel Vision 3 gets a battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh.

itel claims, itel Vision 3 can last up to 28 hours when used for a phone. The endurance is increased by 3 hours compared to the itel Vision 2 for the same usage scenario.

In addition to increasing capacity, Vision 3 also experienced upgrade in terms of charging technology. The reason is that it embeds 18W fast charging technology. This cellphone is also the first cellphone in the Vision series to support 18W fast charging.

Meanwhile, itel did not explain power the maximum that can be received by itel Vision 2. However, when referring to charger which is included in the sales package, this cellphone can receive 5W (5V, 1A) power.

5. Operating System and Release Price

itel vision 3

When it was released in Indonesia, itel Vision 2 came with the Android 10 Go edition operating system. Meanwhile, the itel Vision 3 uses the Go edition of the Android 11 operating system. The Android Go edition is designed with simple features to run smoothly on low-spec phones.

Regarding the price of the product when it was released, itel Vision 2 was sold at a price of Rp. 1,449,000. the itel Vision 3 is cheaper than its big brother. It is priced at Rp. 1,199,000.


itel Vision 2 and itel Vision 3 have quite a lot of differences. Starting from the design, to the release price. However, what needs to be underlined is that neither of the two phones really wins in all aspects.

For example, for cameras, the Vision 2 is slightly superior because it has more megapixels. Likewise with abilities multitasking considering the RAM is bigger. When it comes to power, however, the Vision 3 leads the way thanks to a larger battery and faster charging technology.

In terms of design, nothing is better, nothing is worse. This is just a matter of taste. After seeing the difference between these two 1 million HPs, what is your impression? Interested in buying one of the two?