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5 Complete Ways to Do Rishing Shot PES 2022 Android

In playing the eFootball PES 2022 game you need to know some kick or shot tricks. One of the kick tricks that is often used is the Rishing Shot. What’s the way to do Rishing Shot PES 2022 android?

To do these tricks in this game is actually quite easy. However, before that you must pay attention to several things, one of which is the power of the kick. Players with a kick power above 95% certainly have the potential to produce a perfect Rishing Shot.

Then the issue of physical contact is also quite taken into account before doing the Rishing Shot. In this case, of course, we are talking about attacking players, both attacking midfielders and strikers. Well, players with strong physical contact will later win duels with opposing defenders.

Starting to wonder how to do the kick trick? Alright, if that’s the case, just take a look at the complete information below about how to do a Rishing Shot and some things to consider before doing the trick.

This is how to do the most complete PES 2022 Rishing Shot on Android

How to do a Rishing Shot in PES 2022 Android

How to do a Rishing Shot in PES 2020 Android

The Rishing Shot is one of the many shot tricks in the Android version of the eFootball 2022 game. This one shot trick is also often used by users to score goals from outside the penalty box. Well, here we present the procedure for doing a Rishing Shot in PES 2022 android:

  1. Slide Cursor to the diagonal bottom right while pressing Dash / Run.
  2. After approaching the Penalty box, slide Cursor to the diagonal top right.
  3. If so, press the button Shoot as much 70% or until indicator is yellow.
  4. Then the player will make a Rishing shot at the opponent’s goal.

Which Players Can Do the Rishing Shot?

Which Players Can Do a Rishing Shot

Can all players in PES 2022 android be able to do a Rishing kick? of course not. Players who can perform the above trick are only those who have a special skill called Rising Shot. Some players with these skills include A. Griezman, Pablo Sarabia and C. Tolisso. The player is a player with CARD TYPE Highlight.

In addition to special skills, you also need to pay attention to the speed and physical contact of the player. Players who have high speed can win sprint fights with opposing players, so they can freely find shooting space. While strong physical contact is certainly needed when dueling with opposing defenders.

The Advantages of Rishing Shot Kick in PES 2022 Android

The Advantages of Rishing Shot Kick in PES 2020 Android

If you have a player with a special Rishing Shot skill, you can certainly use it to shoot long distances. In addition, here are some of the advantages of the Rishing kick:

  • 99% of Rishing’s kicks will land inside the opponent’s goal.
  • This kick has super speed so it is difficult to be denied by the opposing goalkeeper.
  • Increase team morale, especially for players who are executing Rishing Shot.

That’s the procedure for doing a Rishing Shot in PES Mobile 2022. You can apply the above trick when playing Matchday or VS Computer events on PES 2022 android. Then in the above review also added some information about who can do the Rishing kick to some of the advantages of the kick.