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5 Best Offline Anime Games For Android

Offline anime games are an option for playing games for those of you who like anime stuff. Anime itself is a cartoon or animation that specifically originates and is characteristic of Japan. Because of its popularity, anime has been adapted to many things, including games.

Well, it’s a coincidence because this time Dafunda Game will discuss or recommend some anime games for you. Of course, this game is an offline game that you can play without having to use internet data. Here is the discussion.

Best Offline Anime Games for Android

1. Dawn Break – Night Witch

You want to play RPG games, but offline? Well, the solution is Dawn Break. Dawn Break is an anime game that you shouldn’t miss. Because the gameplay that is presented is quite interesting.

The Dawn Break series entitled Night Witch is the best series that you should try. In total there are 6 chapters that you can complete in this game. In this game you will have an adventure to complete many missions. In carrying out this mission you will be faced with many enemies.

2. Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War

Second, there is Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War. This Offline Anime game is very small, only about 83MB. Just like Dawn Break, this game is also an RPG genre. Developed by GameSamba, this game has been downloaded more than 1 million times on Play Store.

The graphics are also quite good and suitable for you to play in your spare time. It also has a lot of characters that you can choose from. There are 50 characters in total that you can play for free.


Well, next is Fate/EXTELLA which is an offline Android anime game that is also interesting to play. Previously, this game was released for PC and console, and then the developer then ported it to Android. The graphics are also quite good and detailed because this game is an adaptation of the PC version.

The characters are also quite varied, and have a variety of qualified skills. The gameplay mechanism carried by this game is a hack and slash game. Later you as a player will be faced with many enemies and bosses that are quite deadly.

4. NinjaGirls: Reborn

Fourth, there is an offline anime game entitled NinjaGirls: Reborn. This game has a very small size of only 18MB. So it is very suitable for you to play even with HP specs that are not too high.

The advantage of this game is that the animation effects that are displayed are sufficient. NinjaGirls: Reborn uses the concept of tactics and manual microing games. In other words, this game is a game in the form of battles between characters. You need to know that these characters in this game are beautiful women.

5. Naurto x Boruto Ninja Voltage

The last in the list of offline anime games for Android this time is Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage. This game is suitable for you fans of the anime Boruto and Naruto. In this game you will act as Naruto or Boruto complete with ninja abilities.

The size itself is very light, only about 71MB only. This game developed by Bandai Namco also has several stages that must be completed with various obstacles and enemies in it.

Well, those are some recommendations for offline Android anime games that are suitable for you to play. Don’t forget to keep visiting Funda or install the application on the Play Store so you don’t miss other interesting information about Games, Anime, Movies, and Pop Culture.