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5 Best Offlaner Heroes in Mobile Legends (ML) in 2022

This time Dafunda Game will share some recommendations for the 5 best offlaner heroes in Mobile Legends (ML) in 2022.

Mobile Legends or what we usually call MLBB is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that has been popular for a long time. The difference is this game is intended for mobile. Of course, as a MOBA game, this game has many hero roles that we can use.

Of the many existing hero roles, one of the most widely used hero roles is the offlaner type. This hero with an offlane role has a very crucial role in the game. The offliner heroes have a duty to defend each lane. So that heroes with role cores can farm freely without having to think about lanes.

So, you want to know what are the best offline heroes in Mobile Legends for 2022? You should refer to the following discussion.

5 Best Offlaner Heroes in Mobile Legends in 2022

1. Esmeralda

Esmeralda | Moonton

Esmeralda is a hero who has two abilities, yes this one hero can act as a Mage/Tank. In addition to having high Durability, this hero also has CC and ultimate effects that turn off enemies.

Moreover, Esmeralda’s one skill called Frostmonn Shield, the ability to steal the opponent’s shield. So when there are heroes who have shield skills like Harith, Uranus, and Lolita, Esmeralda can be relied on to fight them.

2. Jawhead

Jawhead | Moonton

The next best hero offlaner Mobile Legends (ML) is Jawhead. A cyborg hero capable of withstanding his own laning. In addition to acting as a Fighter, Jawhead can also be a tank, because he has strong durability. Jawhead’s famous ability is his ability to throw enemies.

Yes, Jawhead’s second skill called Ejector can throw enemies in the desired direction. In addition, this second skill can be used for Jawhead to escape when a gang occurs.

3. Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong
Yuzhong | Moonton

Next is Yu Zhogn, the best offliner hero in Mobile Legends (ML), this one is included in the list because of his capable abilities. Yu Zhong has high Burst Damage complete with Spell Vamps. So it is effective to protect every existing lane. Plus the attack area is wide enough to kill two enemies at once.

4. Hayabusa

best offlaner mobile legends
Hayabusa | Moonton

Habuyasa is a type of offlaner hero who has super sick damage when the item build is ready. He is a hero who specializes in killing Marksman, who happens to have low durability. Many Onic players themselves use Hayabusa as a hero oflaner.

5. Uranus

best offlaner mobile legends
Uranus | Moonton

In the last list there is Uranus, this hero is different from tanks in general which are difficult to play solo laning. Well, Uranus is a strong hero to play solo lane as a role offlaner. The battle spell that is suitable for Uranus as an offlaner is Execute, so he will easily finish off every opponent.

Uranus’ main ability is his high defense ability and also his attack damage which is quite painful. In fact, he is able to kill enemies who are in his turret. Because Uranus is able to withstand damage from enemy turret attacks.

So, those are the 5 best Offlaner Heroes in Mobile Legends in 2022 that you must use. Of the five heroes, which is your favourite? Don’t forget to comment below. Hopefully this discussion can be useful for all of you.

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