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5 Best Loot Places for PUBG Mobile Erangel Map

PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale Game that is currently popular in Indonesia. This is clear considering that this game is an adaptation of a PC game that is already popular all over the world. Getting Chicken Dinner is the main goal in this game. But unfortunately to be able to get it is not an easy matter. We need to use good and complete equipment so that it is easy to get Chicken Dinner. Finding the best loot in each area is not easy, considering the area of ​​the Erangel Map is very large. Here are the best loot spots on the PUBG Mobile Erangel Map.

Mylta Power

This place is an open area filled with shipping containers and warehouses that have a high chance of storing rare items. This place can be very dangerous to land, so land in a nearby apartment, find a weapon, and then move carefully.

Military Base

Military bases are the top place for loot in PUBG Mobile. This place has a lot of buildings to explore, so it’s usually safe to land here, even with a lot of players descending here. And don’t forget to prepare a vehicle, because the Military Base is a pretty far area.


This place is the best loot because it has many large 5-story buildings. And here are also many good weapons that you can find in the area. But School is one of the most popular areas, so be careful when descending here.


Georgepol is a place in the upper left corner of the map. It has many buildings, just like a dense urban area. The loot available here is good enough for you to find, moreover this place has a tall building to be able to see the surroundings.


For the best Loot place on the Erangel Map, it is definitely Pochinki. Who does not know the ferocity of Pochinki, this place is the place of the biggest battle among other areas. Because this place has good loot and has a lot of buildings around the area.