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5 Best Loot Locations on Free Fire

One of the battle royale games that are quite popular in Indonesia today is Free Fire. This game made by the Garena company is indeed very fun as well as stressful to stimulate adrenaline.

Especially if you have met other players who have good weapons, while the weapons we have are still lacking damage-his. Therefore, you have to find the best loot place so you can find weapons and equipment that are already high level. Well, here are some of the best loot locations on Free Fire

1. The Equator and the Milky Way Strip

The first location is Equator and Milky Way Strip. The location is close to the Peak. Well, you can get off at the Equator city first, because there are lots of houses filled with equipment.

The equipment available is also of a high level. If you have found the equipment you want, you can go directly to the Milky Way Strip to find equipment that you can’t find at the Equator.

2. Mill

The next location is Mill. Just like the Equator, in the Mill you can find lots of weapons, high gear and medical equipment. Even though this is the best place to loot, you have to be careful!

Because in this location there are lots of buildings which of course become hiding places for other players. If you want to get an adrenaline rush, there’s no harm in going down here to directly attack.

3. Shipyard

The next location is Shipyard. This loot location is the best because there are lots of containers that store lots of high-level equipment. Even at this location you can also find the sickest weapons in Free Fire.

The Shipyard location is also close to the Plantation, Ranch and Water Front locations. So, it will be easier for you to move around if you are looting at this location.

4. Peak

The best location for loot in the next Free Fire is Peak. This location is in the middle and there is a lot of equipment that you can get. The equipment in this location is also quite high level.

Even at this Peak location, there are also lots of weapons that are so profitable. By controlling this Peak city, of course you will Booyah!

5. Mars Electric

The last Free Fire loot location is Mars Electric. This location is actually at the end of the map and is rarely visited by players. Even though this location has a lot of high-level equipment and medical supplies.

However, when you are looting at a location, you have to stay alert! Because usually you will be far from the Safe Zone. Therefore, after looting, you must immediately rotate to another area, yes.

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