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5 Best & Cheapest Android Gamepads 2022

The Android gamepad will add to the impression of fun when you are playing games. Playing games using a gamepad will really help you when you face obstacles with a touchscreen cellphone. Especially for some games that require a response and play time that is quite fast so that it requires you to always be alert.

Playing games on cellphones no longer only relies on the touchscreen. Now, with only a gamepad, you can feel how to play like a PC, only in a mini way. Playing games via cellphone is also now a fun necessity for some people, even world-class game tournaments like Mobile Legends and PUBG only use cellphones, you know!

best android gamepad

Best & Cheapest Android Gamepad Price List 2022

In order to accommodate the needs of Android mobile gamers, here we recommend 5 best and cheapest Android gamepad prices on the market. You can also choose which gamepad is the best according to your wishes as a gamer.

1. Ipega PG-9067 Gamepad – Rp 209,000

gamepad android ipega pg-9067

Included in the ranks of the cheapest and best gamepads, the Ipega PG-9067 can not only be used on Android, but also on iOS and Windows devices. The buttons are made similar to those on a PlayStation or Xbox joystick. There is a flexible holder that can lock cellphones of various sizes. So one of the cheapest gamepad prices, but this gamepad is very suitable for playing VR.

2. Ipega PG-9021 Gamepad – Rp 232,500

gamepad android ipega pg-9021

The first best gamepad that is recommended is from Ipega PG-9021. This gamepad has the shape and layout of buttons like an Xbox controller which is also equipped with a clamp that can hold your cellphone. The familiar design will certainly not make you difficult to use it. With bluetooth 3.0, this cheapest gamepad is compatible with Android, iOS, and VR like Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, and VR Box. Ipega PG-9021 has a fairly cheap gamepad price.

3. Xiaomi Bluetooth Gamepad – IDR 258.000

gamepad android xiaomi gamepad bluetooth

Not only good at producing cheap and sophisticated cellphones, Xiaomi also has the best Android gamepad you know. Xiaomi Bluetooth Gamepad has a shape and button layout similar to an Xbox controller with Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. Meanwhile, the best gamepad power is supported by 2 AA batteries. With a matte black color on the entire body, this Xiaomi gamepad gives an elegant impression to its users.

4. Gamepad SteelSeries Stratus XL – Rp 825.000

steelseries xl android gamepad

With a solid body-quality, SteelSeries Stratus XL can be used to play more than 2000 games on Android and Windows based devices. Also equipped with two AA batteries, this best Android gamepad has an endurance of up to 40 hours. Not only that, connectivity supports Android 3.1 and Windows 7 and above, SteelSeries Stratus XL also supports the latest virtual reality devices, such as Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus.

5. Razer Serval Android Gamepad – IDR 1,110,000

Razer Server android gamepad

This is the best Android mainstay that will help you feel like playing on a real console. Razer Serval is the ultimate gamepad that comes with two analog sticks, a D-Pad, four face buttons, a back button, and a trigger. There is a special slot to put your smartphone on this gamepad. In addition, the Razer Serval includes a wireless gamepad that can be directly connected to Android phones that rely on bluetooth connectivity. Razer also provides an LED indicator that is useful for showing your player number when playing multiplayer games.

Conclusion: Buy the Cheapest Android Gamepad?

If sorted from numbers 1-5 then you will find the price of the gamepad from the cheapest to the most expensive. Therefore, you can choose the best Android gamepad depending on your budget and other supporting things. When you have a limited budget under IDR 500 thousand, you can choose Ipega PG-9067, Ipega PG-9021 and Xiaomi Gamepad. However, if you have an excess budget, then SteelSeries Stratus XL and Razer Serval.