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5 Best Android Offline Game Recommendations

Playing games is indeed very powerful to relieve fatigue in spare time. But will you think twice about playing games because you love internet quota? if you ever think so calm down. This time, Dafunda Game has the solution.

Currently, there are more and more offline games on Android and certainly no less interesting than online games. Not only that, the appearance and gameplay offered is no less interesting and exciting.

Offline games on Android can now be easily downloaded on the PlayStore with various categories such as racing, fighting, battle royale, arcade, MOBA and so on.

For that, this time we will provide some recommendations for the Best Offline Game Dafunda Game version that you can play on Android. Instead of being curious, here’s a summary for you.

The Best Android Offline Game, Dana Game Version

1. Dota Underlords

Best Android Offline Game Dota Underlords

The first recommendation for the best Android offline game is Dota Underlords. If you are a fan of the game made by Valve, namely Auto Chess Dota 2, you must try this game.

Although the game mechanics offered are not entirely the same as the Dota Auto Chess mod. However, this game is a game that you must play if you are a fan of the Dota game.

In addition to presenting the original characters from the Dota 2 game, the skills and abilities of each character are also adapted to the original characters commonly found in the MOBA game.

Unlike most Auto Chess games, Dota Underlords provides an offline game mode that you can play if you are not connected to the internet or just to practice.

This game is a multiplatform game too cross-platform. Which means you can play it differently in the Android version and the PC version available via Steam.

Information About Dota Underlords

Game NameDota Underlords
Download Size47.51 MB
Release Date20 June 2022
Offered ByValve Corporation

2. Grimvalor

Best Android Offline Games Grimvalor

The Second Best Android Offline Game Recommendation is Grimvalor. Grimvalor is a 2D ARPG game inspired directly from Castlevania. This game has a very similar feel to Castlevania and is perfect for Android phones and tablets.

In addition, Grimvalor is one of the best indie games on the Google Play Store for 2022. Grimvalor is a game with a plot, where evil forces have been present in the kingdom of Vallaris.

This game will lead you to discover the fate of the lost king. The quest then turns gruesome after the main character is thrown into a world of darkness.

One of the advantages of Grimvalor lies in the presentation of excellent graphics with combat effects that are quite amazing for the size of a mobile game.

Information About Grimvalor

Game NameGrimvalor
Download Size594 MB
Release Date10 June 2022
Offered ByDirelight

3. Unknown Fate

Best Android Offline Games Unknown Fate

The Third Best Android Offline Game Recommendation is Unknown Fate. Unknown Fate is an adventure game that carries the FPS mode.

In this game, you have the task of helping him find all the truth by following the storyline, solving puzzles, and defeating enemies.

In addition, you will use characters who have amnesia so they don’t remember their past. What’s even more sad, you will wake up alone in an unknown world.

One of the advantages of this game is the quality of the game mechanics, detailed 3D graphics, and the story offered is very cool.

Information About Unknown Fate

Game NameUnknown Fate
Download Size1.16GB
Release DateJune 13, 2022
Offered ByMarsLit Games SRL

4. Oddmar


The Next Best Android Offline Game Recommendation is Oddmar. Carrying adventure platformer type gameplay, this game will invite you into the story of a Viking named Oddmar.

Oddmar is not only a beautiful game, but also provides an enjoyable gaming experience. Each level, you will find something new.

As a mobile game, Oddmar can be said to have various advantages that are quite prominent. Starting from the unique graphics, interesting storyline, backsound that supports.

In addition, good game control is a number of factors why this game can be considered as one of the games that is very worth trying even though you have to unlock the full version for a fee.

Information About Oddmar

Game NameOddmar
Download Size478 MB
Release DateJune 16, 2022
Offered ByMobge Ltd.

5. Takashi Ninja Warrior

Takashi Ninja Warrior

The next Best Android Offline Game Recommendation is Takashi Ninja Warrior. Takashi Ninja Warrior is a ninja game that will take you into the medieval story of the legendary swordsman ninja named Takashi.

You can play this action game offline, aka without an internet connection. It is very rare nowadays to play the game offline. Because most games today are all online on average.

Besides being able to be played offline, Takashi Ninja Warrior has a very light size of less than 100 MB. So it is highly recommended, especially for below average smartphones.

In this game, you will help Takashi to get the highest glory by fighting Tochi’s corruption. Not only does it offer a pretty interesting story plot, this game also has a pretty good gameplay with hack and slash gameplay and additional stealth elements.

Information About Takashi Ninja Warrior

Game NameTakashi Ninja Warrior
Download Size84.82 MB
Release Date6 September 2022
Offered ByHorizon Games Ltd
GenreAction, Role Playing

How? Already know which game you will choose to fill your spare time? The games above are recommendations for the best offline games that you should try.

What are you waiting for, download now! Feel the excitement of these games without fear of losing a lot of quota.