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5 Best Android Mobile Drawing Games, Suitable for Mining Gabut

Drawing games are one type of game to be able to accompany those of you who like drawing. The point of this picture game can be to practice your skills or just for fun. Many drawing games with many formats both offline and online. Some are free-drawing formats, some are guesswork. However, what is currently quite popular is the guessing game on the internet.

HP is an object that you always carry and you can play anytime. Drawing games will help you get through the waiting period aka your gabut with fun. Especially if you don’t like war games or best adventure game on Android phones. Then a relaxing drawing game will really help you kill your waiting time.

Best Drawing Game

Here, Buddygame, suggest some of the best drawing games on Android phones that you can download. You can play this list of drawing games alone, with friends or with your younger siblings.

1. Menggambar Drawing Game

Who does not know the game This game is getting more and more popular since the beginning of 2022. This game is a fun guessing game. How to play is also easy. You can play this game with friends in a group that you have determined or you can randomly choose which game group you will enter. Drawing Game FRIENDS

How to play the game

How to play is very easy, you only need an internet connection and devices such as Android phones and PCs. This game can be used on various devices, not only cellphones.

  • Enter the browser and type
  • Type your name in the column
  • Select the language you want, click start
  • Click the confirmation button to start joining the game
  • A video will appear in the form of an image from another player. Your task is to guess the meaning of the picture with the appropriate word
  • Write your answer in the answer column before the time runs out. You can enter a different answer before the time runs out
  • When it’s your turn to draw, then you have to choose one of the two words that appear to be drawn. If other players manage to guess your picture correctly, then you will get additional points
  • Image of the word you selected. Keep in mind that your drawing time is also limited.
  • The player with the most points will be the winner

2. PicsArt Color Paint

PicsArt Color Paint Drawing Game SOBATGAME

PicsArt Color Paint is a drawing application that will make it easy for you to create illustrations and drawings. All functions can be brought up with a few taps. With the many features it has, you can give various special effects to images. You can customize the colors and brushes as needed. Do not ask the choice of brushes and colors because there are so many. The app also features color blending and layer adjustments. There is also a text tool if you want to enter text.

3. Kids Doodle Drawing Game

Kids Doodle is an Android coloring game that comes as the next choice for friends who want coloring games. Comes with many attractive color choices, this game looks different because it is able to present images with designs that already have colors. However, this game also has drawbacks because users cannot be creative with basic colors.

4. Drawing Game How To Draw

Are you a beginner who feels like you can’t draw? Then the How To Draw game you can download. This game is very easy and will teach you to draw from the beginning until you are proficient, you know. How to Draw is a drawing game developed by Artfonica which has a size of 23 MB for Android phones. In this application, the user will be guided step by step to draw something. There are 70 images to choose from with various artist preferences. The images include animals, fairy tale characters, cartoons, cars, and more.

5. Dotpict Drawing Game

Dotpict Drawing Game SOBATGAME

Unlike other drawing games, this game offers something unique. You can color it to form an image object on a canvas of square dots. In another sense, this game allows users to create images with pixel art. The user can fill the pixel box with predefined colors and it will produce a certain image. Dotpict drawing game is an 8.4 MB app. Features available in Dotpict include undo, redo, canvas zoom, grid view, to exporting your work to social media.

Download the Best Android Drawing Games

If you like to spend your time with relaxing games, then drawing games are the right choice. Because this game will help your creativity and be calm. Some research from the internet even says that drawing games can relieve your stress. So what are you waiting for, let’s download the best Android drawing game now!