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4 Ways to Use Master Chess Rush & Its Benefits 2022

How to use Master Chess Rush doesn’t seem to be known to some of the game’s players. So if you are one of them, please follow this article to the end.

In the game Chess Rush there are also many other Heroes, but this time we will specifically talk about Hero Guru. In addition, Guru also offers several advantages for its users.

For those of you Chess Rush players, maybe you know a little about Hero Guru. Besides being rare, this Hero also has skills and abilities that other types of Hero rarely have.

Then what is the way to use Hero Guru? Don’t worry, we have prepared everything in the review below. In addition, we will also explain about the benefits of Hero Guru in Chess Rush.

Here’s how to use a teacher in Chess Rush and its benefits & advantages

Know Who is Hero Guru

Know Who is Hero Guru

Guru is one of the heroes in Chess Rush which is included in the Druid category. This hero has unique skills and abilities compared to other heroes. Besides, Master can also be combined with any Hero of the same level.

How to Use Master in Chess Rush

How to Use Hero Guru in Chess Rush

Then to use this Hero in the Chess Rush game you need to have 2 heroes with the same star level. To be more clear, please refer to the following procedure:

  1. Prepare two Bangar Heroes from 1 star.
  2. Then also prepare Hero Guru from star 1.
  3. After that, combine the three heroes.
  4. Finally, you will get a 2-star Hero Master.


  • Use powerful Heroes to combine with Master Heroes.
  • If combo 4 is active, you only need a combination of two 2-star Hero Gurus to produce a 3-star Hero Guru.
  • The combination of a 3 star Master Hero + one 2 star Hero can produce a Druid Hero of 3 stars.

Benefits & Benefits of Using Hero Guru

Benefits of Using Hero Guru

After knowing how to use Hero Guru, of course you are curious about the benefits offered by the Hero. Below we have prepared some of the benefits and advantages of Hero Guru in Chess Rush:

  • Can be combined with all types of Hero.
  • Can be used to equip Rare, Epic and Legendary Heroes that lack units.
  • Especially for Elf and Beast race heroes, when upgraded using a Hero Guru, they are able to produce very strong heroes.
  • Hero Guru has a fairly high rarity.


Which Clan Hero Are Masters From?

In the game Chess Rush Hero Guru comes from the Jelly clan.

Can Master Heroes Fight?

Not. This hero does not contribute much in the fight. But Master has an important role to create a strong Hero from 2 to 3 stars.

That’s an explanation from on how to use Guru in Chess Rush. Now you can pair Hero Guru with other Hero to get Hero with higher level. That way, you can more easily win every match.

For those who have never played this game, we think you should give it a try. Although not as popular STRATEGY GAME others, but Chess Rush offers more fun to sharpen your brain in creating the best strategy.