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4 Ways to Recruit Opponents to Become PUBG New State Friends & Benefits

In the PUBG New State game, of course, you are required to kill all enemies in order to get WWCD (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner). Then what happens if there is now a way to recruit opponents to be PUBG New State friends?

Yes, PUBG New State does present many new features that have never been found in PUBG Mobile, one of which is the feature of recruiting enemies to become friends. We are sure that many of you are not familiar with this feature.

So as the name implies, this feature allows you to invite opponents to join as teammates. After that, you can together finish the battle until you win.

Junebe many of you are wondering about the feature of recruiting opponents to be friends. You may even think about the consequences or risks of this activity. Alright, to be clearer, please see the full review below.

Conditions for Recruiting Enemies to be PUBG New State Teammates

As we mentioned above that the presence of PUBG New State does bring many new features, from reviving dead friends to inviting opponents to join the Squad. You will never find such features when playing PUBG Mobile.

Especially for the feature of recruiting opponents to be friends, maybe many of you still don’t understand or even hear about it for the first time. Relax, here we have prepared a complete explanation.

But before that, it is important to know that in order to carry out the procedure for inviting the enemy to become teammates, you must meet the following terms and conditions:

1. Play in Squad Mode

The first requirement is that you play in Squad mode. That way, if you are in Solo or Duo mode, the feature of recruiting opponents to be friends cannot be done.

2. Maximum Number of Teammates 3 People

The second requirement is to make sure the number of people in the team or squad is a maximum of 3 people (including you). Later the recruited enemy will be used as the fourth player to replace other friends who have fallen.

3. Already Installed the Latest Version of PUBG New State

The third requirement is to install the latest version of the PUBG New State application. If not, please update via Google Play Store or App Store. If PUBG New State cannot be updated, try clearing the cache that has accumulated or force stopping the application.

How to Recruit Opponents to Become PUBG New State Friends

How to Recruit Opponents to Become PUBG New State Friends

After listening to some of the terms and conditions for inviting enemies to join the team, now let’s move on to how to do it. Before that, we want to explain a little about this feature.

So the enemies who can be invited to join the Squad are those who are Knocked. Here you will play a role to provide energy-boosting items to restore the enemy.

That way, make sure you have these items if you want to recruit opponents to be friends. Besides that, make sure the enemy or opponent you want to join does not have friends around him. Because this can be disastrous for those of you who want to invite him to join.

Well, to do how to recruit opponents to be friends, please see the tutorial below:

1. Approach the Knocked Enemy

Approach the Knocked Enemy

First step please Approach the enemy who is Knock (not dead).

2. Tap the Plus icon (+)

Tap the Plus Icon

After that tap the icon Plus (+) shown on the screen.

3. Wait for the Recruiting Process

Wait for the Recruiting Process

Then give items to Revive and wait Recruitment process enemy succeeds 100%.

4. Successfully Recruit Opponents Become Friends

Successfully Recruit Opponents Become Friends

Now the opponent or the enemy is already back to life and be a teammate We.

Benefits of Recruiting Enemies to Be Friends

Until here, you already know about the requirements and how to recruit opponents to become friends in PUBG New State. Furthermore, we will also inform some of the benefits that will be obtained from the above method, including:

  • Increase the strength in the Squad to win the battle
  • Enemies invited to join may have complete skills and ammunition, so they can help in team work
  • Maximizing the war strategy that must be carried out by 4 people (full squad).

Disadvantages of Recruiting Enemies to Be Friends

In addition to some of the advantages above, it turns out that this method also has some disadvantages or consequences for you. What are the losses? Read more below:

  • After recruiting enemies to become friends, you can no longer revive friends who have been knocked / dead
  • In the Recruiting process, a squad mate from the enemy may come and kill you


That’s the review from about how to recruit opponents to be friends in PUBG New State to invite them to join the Squad. Through the method above, you can return to having a full Squad after a teammate has died first.

That way, you will have the strength to continue the war until you get a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Especially when the recruited enemy has complete ammunition, starting from Healing items, weapons, Attachments and so on.