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4 Ways to Get Money on Bussid Up to 2 Million Per Day!!

How to Get Money on Bussid – Are you a Bus Simulator Indonesia player? If so, of course you need a lot of money so you can buy various items in Bus Simulator Indonesia or Bussid.

As it is known that in playing Bussid sometimes you want to buy Livery or Sticker Cutting to beautify the appearance of the vehicle. In addition, there are other necessities that must be purchased using Bussid’s money.

Well, to get money quickly you can do various ways. Through the following article, we will share tips or ways to get large amounts of money at Bussid in a short time.

The method that we will explain below is guaranteed to work and is definitely legal. There is even a trick that allows you to earn up to 2 million per day. Alright, instead of getting curious, just take a look at the full discussion below.

How to Get Money on Bussid

How to Get Money on Bussid

Bussid or Bus Simulator Indonesia is currently popular with many Simulator game lovers on Android. The excitement presented by Bussid really makes anyone feel at home playing the game.

Not only that, Bussid players can also install Hino Truck MODs, Sports Cars, Police Cars and even various types of two-wheeled vehicles. That way, Bussid players can try out the excitement of driving a type of vehicle other than a bus.

Then as we mentioned above that in this game there are also several paid items that can be obtained by buying them. The paid item itself will be useful for various things in the Indonesian Bus Simulator game.

Meanwhile, the Bussid game itself uses game currency as a medium of exchange or a means of purchasing the items in it. Well, in order to get money at Bussid instantly, you can do the following ways:

1. Claiming Nyeper Wages

Wage Claims

The first way to earn money at Bussid is to take the Bussid Nyeper Wage. The reward will be obtained every day by watching a 30-second ad. After that, you can claim Nyeper Wages worth Rp. 10,000.

2. Pick Up Passengers

Get Bussid Money By Attracting Passengers

The second way that can be used to earn money at Bussid is Withdraw Passengers. Like bus drivers in the real world, they have to work by bringing passengers from one point to another.

Now, in the Bussid application itself, there is a Narik feature that offers a mission to transport passengers from the departure location and then deliver them to their destination. The size of the wages for Picking up Passengers at Bussid depends on the number of passengers carried and the route taken.

In other words, the more passengers are transported and the farther the destination is, the more money you will get. The Passenger Towing feature is available on the main page of the Bus Simulator Indonesia application.

3. Mabar Chase Passenger Mode

Mabar Chase Passenger Mode

Almost the same as the second method, where the second method is Mabar Bussid with the Chasing Passenger Game Mode. So when doing Mabar or Playing Together at Bussid, there are two choices of Game Modes, namely Convoy and Pursuit of Passengers.

The Chasing Passenger Mode itself is the same as Pulling Passengers, only this method is done when you are Mabar. That way, while transporting passengers you have to compete with other Mabar participants.

If the passengers below manage to fill the seats on your bus, the wages you get will also be large, up to 2 million per day. But to do this mission is not free, you will be charged a fee of Rp. 40,000 as an entry ticket to Mabar’s room.

4. Selling Livery

Selling Livery

As for the fourth way is to sell Livery that is no longer in use. For old players, maybe you have bought Livery at the Bussid Shop. Well, if the Livery is no longer used, you can sell it again to get money.

5. Using MOD Unlimited Money

Using MOD Unlimited Money

The last way to earn money on Bussid is to use MOD Unlimited Money. As the name implies, through this method you can get an unlimited amount of money. That way, you can buy anything at the Bussid Shop or buy a new driver for millions of rupiah. Only in using this method you must be prepared to bear all the risks, because this method can be said to be illegal and does not rule out the possibility of inviting malicious malware to the device.


That’s the information from about tips and how to get a lot of money in a short time on Bus Simulator Indonesia. If you have a lot of money, then you can buy anything at Bussid.

You can use the method of Attract Passengers, Chase Passengers when Mabar is Mabar or sell Livery. In fact, if you are ready to take the risk, you can choose the MOD Unlimited Money method to get money at Bussid worth millions of rupiah without taking long.