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4 Ways to Buy Buses at Bussid for Free & Price List

How to Buy a Bus at Bussid – Bussid or Bus Simulator Indonesia is one of the Android games with the highest number of users. Based on the data we have obtained, so far Bus Simulator ID has been downloaded by more than 50 million Android users.

The number of fans of this game, of course, cannot be separated from the excitement offered by Bussid. So, in this game you will feel the sensation of driving a bus from one city to another.

What’s more interesting, Bussid players can also work like Bus Drivers in general to earn money in a different way Pick Up Passenger. Later the income earned can be used to buy a new bus.

By buying a new bus later you can be more optimal in getting money at Bussid. Then what is the price of a new bus in Bus Simulator Indonesia? In addition, what are the procedures for purchasing a new Bus? Please see the answer below.

Bus Price List in Bus Simulator Indonesia

As we mentioned above, in the Bussid game, players can earn money in various ways. Later the money collected can be used to buy various items in the game, one of which is buying a new bus.

You can see several Bus options in the Shop menu. Each bus has a different purchase price, depending on the specifications offered. Here we have prepared a price list for the new Bus at Bussid:

Bus NamePrice
Yudhisthira HDRp. 100,000
Nakula SHDRp. 300,000
Sahadeva SHDRp. 750,000
Arjuna XHDRp. 1,250,000
Bimasena SDDRp. 1,500,000
Heroine SHDRp. 1,800,000

In the table above, you can see that the bus prices at Bussid are priced starting from Rp. 100,000 up to Rp. 1,800,000. So, make sure you have enough budget to buy the desired bus. Especially for the Yudistira HD Bus, the Default Bus is obtained for free when you first play Bus Simulator ID.

How to Buy a Bus at Bussid

How to Buy a Bus at Bussid

If you already have a budget or sufficient money, now let’s move on to the procedure for buying a bus at Bussid. Bus purchase transactions can be made through the Shop menu. Or to be more clear, please follow the procedure below:

1. Open the Bussid Application

Open the Bussid 2 Application

First of all please open the Bussid app (Bus Simulator ID) on smartphones.

2. Enter the Store Menu

Enter Store

After that go to the menu Shop

3. Select the desired bus

Choose the desired bus

Then choose Bus that you want to buy. Make sure your budget is sufficient

4. Successfully Purchased a Bus at Bussid

Successfully Purchased a Bus at Bussid

If the status appears Bought then the transaction to buy a bus at Bussid is done succeed.

How to Get a Free Bus at Bussid

How to Get a Free Bus at Bussid

If the method above is not effective because the price of the bus is too expensive or the budget you have is still not enough, then try another way to buy Bussid. So, we have a way to buy buses at Bussid without having to spend a dime or free.

However, this method is of course different from the bus purchase transaction above. This time you need to take advantage of what is called MOD Bussid. Well, here we have some MOD Buses that offer very tough interior, exterior and even engine specifications, including:

Please click the link above to get a new Bus for free at Bussid. At that link, we have provided a download link to the MOD installation process so that the Bus can be used on Bussid.


That’s the discussion from regarding the procedure for buying a bus at Bussid. So, for those of you who are old players and already have a lot of money, please buy the Bus officially in the Shop menu at Bussid. But if the budget is not sufficient, you can buy a bus for free through the MOD Bus that we presented above.