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4 Ways to Be Happy in Sakura School Simulator Update Version 2022

It turns out that many of you don’t know how to get along in Sakura School Simulator. For that, through the following discussion we will explain it in full.

Recently, Sakura School Simulator or SSS is indeed on the rise. This game that carries the Open World concept is indeed worth trying.

So, for the mabar process in Sakura School Simulator, we have a special explanation. One of them is regarding the absence of a mabar feature that is often asked by players.

Yes, many players say that the Mabar feature is not available in SSS. For more details, please refer to the following discussion regarding the mabar procedures in the game.

Get to know more about Sakura School Simulator

Get to know Sakura School Simulator Game more closely

Sakura School Simulator is a Simulation genre game with an Open World concept such as Gangstar Vegas, GTA and the like. Sakura School Simulator can be played on Android and iOS devices online and offline.

The gameplay presented by Sakura School Simulator is also quite satisfying. Plus you can also play various missions using the available characters. There are even some interesting stories in Sakura School Simulator, ranging from characters who don’t have heads to new features that are not yet available.

How to Play Together in Sakura School Simulator Update Version

It’s for mabar fun like in GENSHIN IMPACT, PUBG and ML are not yet available in Sakura School Simulator. However, you can still feel hot sensation in the following way:

1. Run Sakura School Simulator

Open Sakura School Simulator Game

First, run the Sakura School Simulator game on your smartphone. After that, please play using the Boy character. How to change the character just go to the menu System Settings -> Character Change.

2. Meet Other Characters

Approach Other Characters

Next get close to other characters in the game, then hold his hand by tapping Talk -> Hold Hands.

3. Tap the Clone Menu

Tap Clone

The next step is to tap the menu Clone under the camera icon. This method is to bring up two of the same character, so there are 4 people in total.

4. Tap Action

Tap Action

Finally, tap Action to move each character that you cloned earlier. Now there are several characters that you can move alternately, so it will look like a mabar.

Release Schedule of Playing Together Features in Sakura School Simulator

Mabar Feature Release Schedule in Sakura School Simulator

Well, based on the information we have obtained, it is said that Garusoft will release a mabar feature in the Sakura School Simulator game. However, regarding when the Mabar feature will be available is still a secret. However, many hope that the Mabar or Multiplayer features can be enjoyed this year.

If it is true, the display of the Mabar feature in SSS will probably be like the picture above. You can search for players, determine the map, determine the room and so on. It is possible that for the new method, you have to search for online users in Sakura School Simulator.


Can Sakura School Simulator Be Played Offline?

Yes, you can play this game in Offline or Online mode.

What Can You Find When Playing Online?

Some items in the form of clothes, hairstyles and locked characters you can use.

So, how to mabar in the updated version of SSS can’t be enjoyed yet. However, thinks that this feature is being prepared by Garusoft and will be released in the near future. When you can get up, of course playing Sakura School Simulator will be much more exciting.