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4 Teams Confirmed to Qualify for the Main Round of MPL Season 2

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) is the main league of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang which was jointly organized by Moonton and RevivaLTV for players in Indonesia. The league is 5 months long and has a total prize pool of USD 100,000. MPL Season 2 will start on September 7, 2022.

So far, there are still several teams that are still fighting for 6 seats to be able to participate in MPL Season 2. It is planned that there will be 10 teams that can participate in this event, and unfortunately 4 seats have already been reserved by 4 other teams. The 4 teams officially received direct invitations from official parties to be able to take part in this event. So these four teams do not need to qualify first, which means that they will immediately qualify for the main round. The 4 teams are:

1. Aerowolf Roxy

2. Evos

3. RRQ

4. Elite8

The four teams were the teams that made it to the semi-finals last year. Even though MPL Season 1 was won by NXL (now Aerowolf Roxy), the other three teams have been officially invited by the organizers. Meanwhile, there are two mid-table teams that received direct invites to the final qualifier, namely Louvre and Domino. We look forward to how exciting MPL Season 2 will be, you can watch this event live on RevivaLTV as the main sponsor of this event. Don’t forget September 7 2022 MPL Season 2: Break Your Limit will start.