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4 Tank Heroes in Mobile Legends Get Massive Buffs

Tank position in MOBA games especially Mobile Legends has always been a role that players are rarely interested in. Now 4 Hero Tanks in Mobile Legends get a massive buff on the latest update patch 1.5.24. For you Tank users, this news is good news because some of the Tank heroes who get this buff are very familiar to you.

Before discussing the Tank hero who gets a massive buff, of course many of you are asking how Tips to Become a Mobile Legends Tanker properly and correctly. The reason is, the role of a tanker in Mobile Legends is very crucial.

Here’s the Tank Mobile Legends hero who got a pretty drastic buff in this 1.5.24 patch:

1. Grock

Grock Mobile Legends
Grock | Mobile Legends

The first Tank Hero to get a big buff is Grock. Grock itself is one of the strong tanks with unique skills so it is not uncommon to enter the META tank.

In the last few seasons, this hero’s pick rate has dropped due to the overall change in META Mobile Legends. Even though Grock is one of the tanks that can roam strongly in team fights and is able to interfere with the opponent’s jungler.

Considering the recent season, heroes like Hilda, Jawhead, and Khaled have become regular picks as semi-tank roles. This is what makes Moonton to buff this hero to be more competitive among Tank heroes.

In this update, Grock’s 1st Skill gets an increase in Physical Attack bonus to be 120% which scale with charging time. The cooldown also gets shorter with time 5 seconds just.

2. Johnson

Johnson Mobile Legends
Johnson | Mobile Legends

Then there is the Tank hero Jhonson, who has rarely been included in the META Tank in recent seasons. Having unique skills, especially with his ultimate, Jhonson should be a very good Tank choice.

However, the mechanism is very difficult to master and the cooldown is quite long, making this hero neglected. To increase the utility of his ultimate skill, Moonton reduced control difficulty and early game cooldown for Johnson.

In this update, Johnson’s ultimate Cooldown has been reduced to 45-40. In order to prevent this hero from being too OP, the base damage is reduced from 400-600 Becomes 300-500.

3. Minotaur

Minotaur Mobile Legends
Minotaur | Mobile Legends

If you are a true Tank user, of course you are familiar with the Tank hero named Minotaur. Since the presence of new Tanks, this hero seems to be lost in time. In fact, only a few players are still using the Tank hero who has good durability.

In this update, Moonton finally strengthens the Minotaur’s Rage State passive. Which Physical and Magic Defense boost when entering the Rage State state will increase from 11.5 – 32.5 Becomes 14 – 70thing twice as big as before.

However, the attributes of this hero itself are also buffed. Which indirectly you can feel the Minotaur buff outside the Rage State. Minotaur’s HP base is also buffed from 2709 Becomes 2895. In addition, the Minotaur’s Base Magic Defense has also decreased from 10 Becomes 5

4. Belerick

Belerick Mobile Legends
Belerick | Mobile Legends

The last Hero Tank to get the buff is Belerick. Before getting the buff in this update. Moonton has brought a lanning change to this hero through Update Project Next.

However, this role makes Belerick difficult to use in team fights. Given this, Belerick gets a buff in terms of mobility and durability.

In this update, Belerick’s attribute in terms of base HP has increased to 2819. In addition, his HP rose to 245 points every time he leveled up. If you combine Belerick’s passive, the total HP will feel great. The movement speed boost of this hero has also increased, and the restoration of HP loss on skill 2 has increased from 8% Becomes 10%.

So, those are the 4 Tank Heroes in Mobile Legends who got a massive buff in the latest update patch 1.5.24 this time. What are the four heroes who Game Funda mention is your favorite hero? Don’t forget to write your comments in the comments column below!