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4 Computer Science to Learn via Offline Courses

Here are 4 computer science that is better learned through courses offline.

Indeed, indeed. In the era on line In today’s sophisticated world, many of us have mastered computer science by only viewing video tutorials on YouTube.

And it’s not wrong at all. But still, in my opinion, learning through the course format offline, much better. Yes, please say I’m ancient, old, and so on. But in fact, learning computer science is much better if there is direct guidance from the teacher and face to face.

Moreover, if we learn these 4 computer sciences which are indeed much better learned through courses offline.

1. Office

computer science offline course
Office | e-careers

“What are you doing, Min? My 4-year-old Ade can do it!” Okay, okay maybe all of you can type in Word and create tables and simple formulas in Excel.

But are you able to make mail merge? Can you also create a super attractive CV from Word alone? Do you really know all the formulas in Excel?

So if you take a package course officeguaranteed you will learn all these things with much more focus and depth.

2. Graphic Design

computer science offline course
Graphic design | ArtConnect

Computer science is better learned through courses offline Next up is graphic design. Junebe it’s the same thing as points officemany of us can learn it self-taught.

But still learning face to face with a teacher is much better. Because (this is my opinion, yes), studying such as Adobe Photoshop on line sometimes much longer and a bit more difficult.

Because, we just observe and then do. Unlike the teacher who is near us while telling us step by step.

3. Programmer

Study How To Coding

Programmer here the scope is broad. Can web programmer, PHP programmer, Java programmeretc.

The point is to be able to learn computer science, which is often considered the science of the “god” of computers, you can’t just use YouTube videos or buy books. You must have a mentor master-his.

4. Animation

Unnamed 2
Animation | Rotoscopers

This may be a branch of computer science that in recent years, a lot of demand.

The reason is, who doesn’t want to be able to make animations like we see in animated films like Toy Story, How to Train Your Dragon, etc? Would you like it? Furthermore, if you control, your life will prosper.

So if that’s what you want, then if you now have enough capital for an animation course, go ahead guys. And yep, whether you think you can or a god, believe me, we can’t do computer animation alone without prior guidance from a more expert.

So, those are 4 computer sciences that are much better if we learn through courses offline. Hopefully the discussion is useful!