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4 Bussid Ways to Fasten Speed ​​450 : Download MOD & Install

Bussid’s way to be tight – Bus Simulator Indonesia or Bus Simulator ID or better known as Bussid is one of the simulator games that is on the rise. To date, more than 500 million Android users have played the game.

Well, maybe many of you have played Bussid for a long time. If so, you must know that many players complain about the speed of the Bus or the vehicles in Bussid that are not fast.

If you also want the bus used to have high speed, then you must read this article to the end. Because here we have prepared the Bussid procedure to make it fast, it can even have a speed of up to 450 km per hour.

So that Buses, Trucks, Cars or other types of vehicles in Bussid can be fast, you need to install a MOD or Codename Speed. Here, we have prepared a download link for how to install the MOD so that Bussid can be fast.

Download MOD Bussid High Speed

Download MOD Bussid High Speed

As we mentioned above, so that Bussid’s speed can be a maximum of even more than 450 km per hour, you need MOD Speed. The MOD file itself is only less than 1 MB in size and you can download it via the link below:


Through the link above you can get OBB from MOD Speed ​​Bussid. Furthermore, how to install it can be done through the ZArchiver application. The procedure may not be much different from when installing the Police Car MOD, Hino Truck MOD or other MODs.

Bussid’s way to be tight

Bussid's way to be tight

The Bussid way to make it fast is to use MOD or Cheats which you can get via the download link above. Furthermore, it is also important to know that in the MOD file above there is a password or password that must be entered when extracting the file.

So, before installing MOD Speed ​​so that buses or other vehicles on Bussid can have high speeds, you need an additional application called ZArchiver. Through this application, you will extract the cheat file that was previously downloaded.

Then in the Extract process, a pop-up password request will appear. The required passwords are: speedngacir. Alright, so that it’s clearer, just look at the Bussid procedure so that it’s fast:

1. Run ZArchiver

Run ZArchiver 1

The first step, please open the ZArchiver application. After that go to the folder Download to find the MOD file that was previously downloaded.

2. Extract MOD

Extract MOD 1

If you have found it, please tap on the file and select Extract here.

3. Enter Password

Enter Password 1

Then in the Password request pop-up, type speedngacir in the column provided. If you have clicked OK.

4. Move Extracted Folder

Move Extracted Folder
Move Extracted Folder 2

After the file is successfully extracted, a new folder will appear above. Please long press the folder then select Cut. Then return to the main ZArchiver page and open the folder Android -> OBB -> com.maleo.bussimulatorid then tap file inside it. Next open the folder Assets -> Bins -> Data. If it is already, press the Paste icon at the bottom right to paste the MOD file.

Now try to open Bussid and try to play the Nglayap or Pull feature to try out the new speed of the Bus used. If the speed can reach 450 and above, it means that the above method so that Bussid becomes fast has succeeded.

Benefits of Bussid Engine Upgrade

Until here, you already know how to make the Bus at Bussid fast, aka have a high speed above 450 km per hour. Furthermore, we will also explain what the benefits of using MOD Speed ​​Bussid are, including:

1. Get Many Passengers in a Short Time

The first benefit is to shorten the time when towing passengers at Bussid. With the above method, later the bus you are driving will go at high speed, so you can collect as many passengers as possible in a short time.

2. Racing When Mabar

The second benefit is to do a race during Mabar Bussid. As it is known that when playing together, you will meet other Bussid players and often they invite speed races. Well, if your bus has been installed with MOD Speed, then their offer is no longer a problem.

3. Train Acceleration In Driving

Finally, the use of MOD Speed ​​can also be a means of increasing acceleration or driving ability. When driving a Bus on Bussid at high speed, of course the control is much more difficult, especially when the road conditions are busy. But if all of that can be mastered, you will be able to bear the title as a Bussid Pro Player.


That’s the explanation from about how to make Bussid fast or have high speeds above 450 km per hour. In addition, above we also explain how to install MOD Speed ​​on Bussid as well as the benefits of using MOD Speed.