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4 Best Emulators For Those Of You Who Want To Play PUBG Mobile On PC

PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale Game that is currently popular in foreign countries. This game is an adaptation of the paid PC Game on Steam. Tencent is the company that makes this game the mobile version. Even though PUBG already has a Mobile Version, it’s still more comfortable to play this game on a PC. Because the original game has a paid PC, so many players can’t play this version of the game.

What’s more, it takes a gahar PC spec to be able to play PUBG Steam. Because of this impact, many players want to play PUBG games for free without sacrificing PC specs, so the answer is PUBG Mobile. To normally play PUBG Mobile on a PC, of ​​course, an emulator is needed to be able to play it. So these are the four best emulators that will help download, install and play PUBG Mobile for free on PC.

1. Tencent Gaming Buddy.

For the first emulator, the most recommended is the emulator made by Tencent Games itself. These are the same developers who made PUBG Mobile. This means that Tencent Gaming Buddy is considered the official emulator for playing PUBG Mobile on PC. Also Tencent Gaming Buddy will offer the best performance and optimization compared to other emulators. The Tencent Gaming Buddy installation process is very easy. Once the emulator is installed on the PC, it automatically starts downloading and installing PUBG Mobile. You have full access to control with this emulator and you don’t need to create an account or use a VPN to play games.

2. NoxPlayer

The next highly compatible emulator for PC is NoxPlayer. To be able to play PUBG Mobile on PC via NoxPlayer, you must first install the game from the Play Store. If you have successfully installed the game, then you can easily play PUBG Mobile. For this emulator you can change the frame and control the gameplay.

3. KO Player

KO Player is a free Android emulator dedicated to playing Android games on PC. This game emulator offers lots of great features like KeyMapping, Record, and many more. The PUBG Mobile installation process is a bit complicated on KO Player, you can easily install the PUBG Mobile apk file on KO Player. However, the game apk requires an OBB or data file. For that you have to copy the file or OBB from the smartphone and paste it in the correct directory on the PC. This OBB file is named as com.tencent.ig located in storage > android > obb.

4. BlueStacks 4

Bluestacks is one of the oldest and most popular Android emulator which has seen many improvements in the past. Bluestacks 4 is now very well optimized for playing Android games. Apart from that, the installation is similar to how to install a game on a Smartphone. So to play PUBG Mobile on PC just open the Play Store and download the app. You can remap keyboard keys according to your preferences and customize settings.