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30 Permanent FF Redeem Code 10 June 2022 – Today, the Free Fire game is getting its newest permanent FF redeem code to be exchanged for various types of attractive prizes in it.

When exchanging the permanent FF redeem code, you will be able to get the opportunity to get attractive reward prizes ranging from normal items to rare items.

In this permanent FF redeem code there are diamonds, weapon skins, characters, and other prizes that are no less interesting to get randomly in our favorite Free Fire game.

However, you must claim these codes as soon as possible, before they are used up by other people who both want to target attractive prizes.

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Permanent FF Redeem Code

Before using the permanent FF redeem code, you must know how to enter it first.

Here’s a quick and easy way to enter the permanent FF redeem code.

  1. Go to the official Garena website by clicking Here.
  2. Login with the Free Fire game account on your mobile phone.
  3. Enter the permanent FF redeem code into the column provided and click “Confirm”.

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