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3 Ways to Overcome Valorant Error Code VAN 81 100% Successful

Valorant is really fun to play with friends. However, this game is like FPS games in general, sometimes there are still bugs and errors. The VAN 81 error code is an example of this error and how to solve the VAN 81 Valorant error code requires a deeper analysis of the causes of this error.

Currently, Valorant has become a new idol who is indeed being loved by many shooting game connoisseurs. This game has a similar concept to CS:GO, which is a game of two teams of 5 vs 5. However, the difference is that each agent or hero of Valorant has their own special skills to add to the excitement of the battle.

All the excitement, fun and satisfaction of playing Valorant will just disappear because of the VAN 81 error code. This Valorant error code is an error code that is commonly encountered by most Valorant players around the world. As a result of this VAN 81 error, every player cannot play Valorant while it has not been fixed.

So, what actually happened to the VAN 81 Valorant error code? Why does this happen? and what to do to solve this error? Well, through this article we will provide an explanation regarding the causes and how to overcome them. As for more information, please see below.

What is Valorant Error Code VAN 81?

What is Valorant Error Code VAN 81

When you find the VAN 81 error code, you will receive the message “CONNECTION ERROR | VALORANT has encountered a Connection error. Please relaunch the client to recconnect. Error Code: 81” or “VALORANT encountered a connection error. Please relaunch the client to reconnect”

As suggested in the error message, this Valorant error code VAN 81 is caused by a connection problem between the player’s device and the Valorant server. This case looks like Valorant error code VAN 1067 with the same message. However, for VAN 81 this is interesting because the main cause of this problem is not from TPM like VAN 1067.

The main cause of the Valorant error code VAN 81 seems to be a problem with the anti-cheat software Riot Vanguard which runs alongside the game. This is not an internet or server related issue. Especially, if Vanguard failed to load, that could be the trigger for the code VAN 81 error message, because the game won’t let you play unless anti-cheat software is running.

How to Overcome Valorant Error Code VAN 81

From the explanation above, now the crux of the VAN 81 problem has been identified and how to solve this error code? There are several ways that you can do to solve the Valorant error code VAN 81. To solve the VAN 81 error code is quite easy and to do so, follow the steps below.

First Method

First Method

The first way to solve the Valorant error code VAN 81 is to restart the PC and Riot Client. Then, reinstall Riot Vanguard Valorant. Here’s more.

  1. After you restart the PC and Riot Client, please go to Local Disk C:/Drive.
  2. Then, choose a folder Program Files.
  3. After that, select Riot Vanguard.
  4. Right-click the Riot Vanguard folder and select Delete.
  5. Now right click the Valorant app and select Run As Administrator.
  6. Then, wait until the Riot Vanguard download process and login Valorant as usual.
  7. After that, restart your PC and see if you still find VAN 81 when you open Valorant.

Second Method

Second Method

Well, if the first method has not been able to overcome VAN 81, then you can try the second repair method. Here are the steps you can follow.

  1. First step, click Windows + R and type Service.msc.
  2. Then, please find a service VGC.
  3. Right click on VGC and select property.
  4. Next, in column Startup Type please change to Automatic.
  5. Then, click the button Apply and press OK.
  6. After that restart your PC and try to launch the Valorant game, then the VAN 81 error will be fixed.

Third Method

Third Method

If the method above doesn’t work to resolve the error, then please follow the steps below to resolve the VAN 81 error code that occurred on Valorant.

  1. First of all, press the button Windows + R and type MSCONFIG. Then, click OK.
  2. Next, select menu Services.
  3. Then, find VGS and tick the box next to VGS.
  4. Then, click Apply and then click OK.
  5. After pressing OK, the system will ask you to restart, click Restart and the VAN 81 problem will be solved.


That’s a complete explanation from regarding the causes and how to solve the Valorant error code VAN 81. VAN 81 is actually not an internet connection or server problem, but a PC device connection with a Valorant server, so that overcoming the error can be done by reinstalling Riot Vanguard and running VGS .

After re-installing Riot Vanguard or running the VGS service, the VAN 81 error code was successfully resolved. Junebe that’s all the information from us, hopefully how to solve the Valoran error code VAN 81 in the article above helps.