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3 Ways to Buy FIFA 22 for Free on PS4 Full Game

How to Buy FIFA 22 for Free on PS4 – As lovers of Football games on PS4, you will certainly agree that FIFA 22 is one of the football games with the best graphics. Moreover, FIFA 22 has brought special technology that makes the gameplay feel much more realistic.

Talking about FIFA 22, of course anyone wants to own the game and play it with friends and other users in the Match Online event. However, as we all know, the price of FIFA 22 for PS4 is quite expensive, reaching 1 million rupiah.

Even so, for those of you who don’t have the budget to try out the excitement of FIFA 22, there’s no need to worry, because we have a way to get the game for free. That way, you don’t have to spend hundreds or even millions of rupiah just to buy FIFA on PS4.

However, this method applies terms and conditions, it cannot be used by all PS4 users. Curious what are the conditions that must be met? Just see the full explanation below.

Terms of Buying FIFA 22 on PS4 Rp 0

Terms of Buying FIFA 22 on PS4 Rp 0

As we know that Sony provides PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) subscription features with different monthly fees, depending on the package used. Currently, there are 3 (three) PS Plus packages, including Essential, Extra and Deluxe.

Especially for the PS Plus Extra and Deluxe packages, it was just released a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, every PS Plus subscriber will later get free games from Sony that can be played on PS4. However, for these benefits, each package offers different free games.

Well, of the three PS Plus packages on PS4, one of them provides FIFA 22 games for free, these packages are PlayStation Plus Deluxe. Therefore, if you want to buy FIFA 22 for free, the main condition is that you have to subscribe to PS Plus Deluxe first.

In addition, please note that the free FIFA 22 prizes can only be obtained from the date June 3 up to you June 6, 2022. So, those of you who subscribe to PS Plus Deluxe outside this time limit will not receive a free FIFA 22 benefit.

How to Buy FIFA 22 for Free on PS4

How to Buy FIFA 22 for Free on PS4

Up here, you already know about the conditions for buying FIFA 22 for free on PS4, which is you must subscribe to PS Plus Deluxe. For those of you who may have subscribed to the PS Plus Essential or Extra package, you can still upgrade to the PS Plus Deluxe package.

After successfully becoming a PS Plus Deluxe customer, now let’s go to the core of the discussion on how to buy FIFA 22 for free on PS4. Alright, without the need to linger, just follow the procedure below:

1. Open PlayStation Plus

Open PlayStation Plus

The first step please enter the menu PlayStation Plus on PS4

2. Select Game Menu

Select Games

After that select the menu Games on the left

3. Click FIFA 22

Click FIFA 22

Swipe right and click the icon FIFA 22. After that, all you have to do is click the button Download and wait until the downloading process is complete.

So, this free FIFA 22 is already included in the benefits for customers or users of the PS Plus Deluxe package. With that, you absolutely no fees of any kind when downloading FIFA 22 on PS4.

Free FIFA 22 User Terms

Free FIFA 22 User Terms

After knowing how to buy FIFA 22 for free on PS4, then we will also provide information regarding the free FIFA 22 user terms. So, FIFA 22 that you have downloaded through the PS Plus Deluxe benefit has provisions regarding the validity period.

PS Plus Deluxe subscribers can only play FIFA 22 as long as the subscription is still active. This means, if you subscribe to PS Plus Deluxe for 30 days, then buy FIFA 22 after a 10-day subscription period, then you have 20 days left to play FIFA 22. Likewise for PS Plus Deluxe users with a duration of 3 months or 12 months.

In essence, free FIFA 22 offers the same fun as FIFA 22 purchased using a PSN Wallet or Cassette (Disc). It’s just that FIFA 22 for free has a time limit of use, while those purchased on the PS Store (not free) can be played forever without having to subscribe to any package. s


That’s the explanation from on how to buy FIFA 22 for free on PS4. So, if you want to enjoy the excitement of FIFA 22 without having to buy a FIFA 22 cassette or buy it at the PS Store, you can simply subscribe to the PS Plus Deluxe package with prices starting from Rp. 155,000 per month.

Because every PS Plus Deluxe customer will later get Monthly Games benefits in the form of FIFA 22 and several other exciting games for free. But remember, this method only allows you to play FIFA 22 as long as the PS Plus Deluxe package is still active.