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3 Strong Exp Heroes in Mobile Legends That To The Counter By Thamuz

You must know that these 3 strong Mobile Legends exp heroes were hit by a landslide by Thamuz, who are the three heroes?

Rarely used even though it has a very terrible ability in Thamuz. Even though this fighter hero with barbaric gameplay can counter fighter heroes who are currently on the rise.

But for some reason players are reluctant to use this hero. Regarding that, you should know that there are 3 strong exp heroes in Mobile Legends that can be countered easily by Thamuz.

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Hero op mobile legends
Photo via WallpaperAccess

First, there is Esmeralda, her lane is very strong because she can absorb shields from opponents, making Esmeralda difficult to beat.

But Thamuz can easily defeat this hero thanks to his passive which can counter Esmeralda’s shields.

Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong mobile legends
Photo via Reddit

Yu Zhong will lose badly if he meets Thamuz, because Thamuz has a faster lifesteal than Yu Zhong plus greater damage.


hero offlaner Dyrroth mobile legends
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Lastly, there is Dyrroth which can be countered easily by Thamuz. Although the status of the strongest fighter hero when by1.

But Dyrroth could in fact be defeated very easily by Thamuz, who had high lifesteal and barbaric skills.

Those are the 3 strong explaner heroes in Mobile Legends that Thamuz can defeat easily. You must be aware that there is a very strong hero like Thamuz.

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