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3 Reasons You Must Master 10 Different Heroes When Playing Mobile Legends

You can only 1 hero? Danger guys, you have to master at least 10 different heroes when playing Mobile Legends, what’s the reason?

There are more than 100 heroes created by Moonton in the Mobile Legends game, but you can only get 1 or 2 heroes? Too bad the spinners.

Because the minimum number of heroes you have to master is 10 when you want to play Mobile Legends, why are 10 heroes the reason you have to master that many heroes?

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Useful When Mabar

Mobile legends friends
Photo via YT AUL LANA

The first and foremost reason is that it’s useful when hanging out with your friends. Your friends don’t get bored quickly with you guys who can only have 1-2 heroes.

Not to mention if your mainstay hero gets banned, you end up confused about what pick to pick and instead become a burden on the team. Therefore, you must master 10 heroes at least in MLBB.

More confident when solo ranking

Solo Ranked

The second reason is, you become more confident when playing solo. Playing with the public or random players you will not be able to guess what they will play.

If your favorite hero is banned or used by someone else, it’s up to you what to do. So it is very important to master 10 heroes at least.

Does not depend on 1 Hero

Mobile legends heroes
Photo via ArtStation

The last reason is not only relying on 1 hero. Still related to reasons 1 and 2, so when your favorite hero gets banned or someone else uses it.

You won’t be confused because there are many heroes that you can use, that’s the importance of mastering a minimum of 10 heroes in MLBB.

That’s the reason why you must master 10 heroes at least when playing Mobile Legends.

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