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3 Reasons Hanzo is Less Popular as a Jungler in Mobile Legends

Why is Hanzo not popular as a jungler in Mobile Legends even though he has complete abilities and is perfect for aggressive play.

The majority of all of you will agree that Hanzo is the worst assassin jungler hero to play in the current meta, because of his many shortcomings.

Even though behind all that Hanzo’s abilities can be said to be quite terrible, players are still reluctant to use them for these 3 reasons according to SPIN Esports.

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Predictable Gameplay

Hero jungler op mobile legends
Photo via SmartResize

It’s easy to guess Hanzo’s gameplay is the main reason why players are reluctant to use this hero, even though op.

When Hanzo uses his 3rd skill, he can be easily tracked and finally killed right away, that’s Hanzo’s biggest minus.

Lots of Counters

Hanzo MLBB

Then the number of counters is the second reason why players don’t want to use Hanzo. Just imagine that heroes like Natalia, Ling, Hayabusa, Franco, Gatotkaca and so on are used by your opponent when you use Hanzo.

Surely 100% of your Hanzo will not be useful because these heroes can easily track the whereabouts of your Hanzo’s real body.

Easy Dodge Skills

Hanzo mobile legends
photo via gameloveku

The last reason is that Hanzo’s skills are easy to avoid, even by marksman heroes. Because when Hanzo fails to hit the opponent with his skills he becomes useless because he fails to stack and the damage is small.

Those are some of the reasons that make Hanzo unpopular and even unused as a jungler in Mobile Legends.

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