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3 of the Most Terrible Hero Tanks in Mobile Legends for Team Fight

You have to know that these 3 tank heroes in Mobile Legends are the most terrible for team fights, your chances of winning are great when you use this hero during war.

Sometimes to win a game in Mobile Legends, it only takes 1 important moment that occurs during a team fight.

And that moment is usually made by a tank hero, the cc skill he has is hit by many opposing heroes until the opponent is flat or all of them die during the war.

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Now about that, SPIN Esports has 3 tank heroes with the most terrible team fight abilities in Mobile Legends.


Mobile legends hero mages
Photo via uhdpaper

First, there is Atlas, which has a very unique ultimate which can lift, knock down opponents and give a knock-up effect for a long time against the opponent.

Making Atlas very scary during the war, it is guaranteed that the enemy will automatically search when Atlas is approaching. Because not only 1 or 2 heroes can be locked atlas, but one team can also lock Atlas.


johnson ultimate counter
Photo via ramdan nuralim

Then there is Johnson, especially for this one hero who really needs momentum to create a war that benefits his team.

Just like Atlas, Johnson also has the ultimate that the heroes fear the most in Mobile Legends.


mobile legends tier list hero

Lastly is Tigreal, the tank hero who has the most annoying skills during team fights. He has 2 cc skills that make the opponent unable to move for long enough.

And it’s really very scary if hit by the Tigreal skill.

Those are 3 tank heroes in Mobile Legends with the best team fight abilities.

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