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3 Marksman Who Are Still Not Eligible To Enter Meta Mobile Legends

Did you know that there are 3 marksman heroes who are still not worthy of entering the Mobile Legends meta game to date, who are they?

The marksman role is one of the mandatory roles that must exist when you play Mobile Legends, because this role is your team’s guarantee when in the late game.

But there are some marksman heroes who still don’t deserve to be in the meta and it is highly recommended that you don’t pick them for now, anyone?

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Hero marksman mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

It’s true that Kimmy had dominated the meta game a few seasons ago, but now his abilities have drastically reduced.

Even in our opinion, Kimmy is very unfit to play in the current meta because it’s so easy to counter.


Hero marksman op mobile legends
Photo via Zerochan

Asked to use Granger? Not yet, because this marksman is completely unused in the current meta. Although played as a jungler, Granger is still easy to beat.

The damage from his small basic attack is the main reason why players are reluctant to use this hero, he is very dependent on skills but opponents can easily avoid his skills.


Hanabi op mobile legends
Photo via Wallpaper Cave

For many seasons, Hanabi has never entered the Mobile Legends meta game. All of that because of the many weaknesses that exist in this hero.

Like poor mobility, basic attacks don’t hurt at least up to 4 items, skills are easy to avoid, very weak in early and so on.

Those are the 3 marksman heroes who are still not eligible to enter the Mobile Legends meta game for some reason.

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