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3 Jungler Recommendations Not OP Assassins in the New Mobile Legends Patch!

3 Jungler Recommendations Not OP Assassins in the New Mobile Legends Patch!

Jungler is a crucial role especially for the current new patch. Meta tanks make various Tank heroes become junglers.

But apart from Tanks and Assassins, several other roles are still very qualified to be junglers in this new patch.

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Here are three recommendations for jungler OP heroes after the new Mobile Legends patch that you must pick.

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Julian Mobile Legends
Photo via ig Mobile Legends Game

This Hero Fighter/Mage is really strong. Apart from being a new hero (usually OP) but because of his unusual skills.

Although this hero can be said to have no Ultimate, the skills he strengthens make this hero seem to have three different Ultimates.

Not to mention because it’s not the ultimate, this imitation Ultimate skill can be issued very quickly.

Not only in the explaner but in the jungler this hero is very strong because it is proven to be able to quickly farm and rotate.

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Revamp Akai Mobile Legends

This tank jungler hero is undoubtedly a frightening specter. Not to mention the buff in the new patch which makes it even more annoying.

After revamping, it’s not just a tank, but this hero is very suitable as a jungler. He can easily get an objective with the mustard emblem and annoying CC, making it difficult for the opponent’s hero.

Not to mention that because he is a Tank, it will certainly be difficult to kill.


Mobile legends strong exp hero
Photo via Wallpaper Flare

Heroes that you might not expect will be on this list. However, this strong hero as an explaner can also be relied on as a jungler.

The change from skill 1 makes it easier to cast passives, it makes it easier to clear jungle.

Even without Flicker or Vengeance this hero can still have high mobility thanks to skill 1 changes. Every time he takes out his weapon he will get additional movement speed. And it can be spammed quickly because it only has a cooldown of 2 seconds.

Those are the three recommendations for jungler OP heroes after the new patch is present in Mobile Legends. You really have to try it.

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