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3 Hero Assassin OP Mobile Legends That To The Counter By Eudora

You should know that there are 3 assassin op heroes in Mobile Legends that Eudora counters very easily, who are they?

Eudora is one of the mage heroes who is considered weak even though he has very terrible abilities.

There are even several assassin heroes who easily countered by Eudora aka lost badly when faced with him.

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Hero op mobile legends eudora
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And here are 3 assassins who were countered by Eudora’s great ability, who are they?


Mobile legends events
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Even though he has the ability to disappear and move quickly with high damage, when dealing with Eudora, Hayabusa must be extra careful.

Hayabusa’s slightest misstep could immediately die when he met Eudora. Because Eudora’s 2nd skill is the key skill to defeat Hayabusa.


Hero Assassin op mobile legends
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Then there is Ling, just like Hayabusa even though Ling’s mobility is very high but when he is hit by Eudora’s 2nd skill just once, he can die right away.

Because Eudora’s combo skill is terrible if used in the right order, namely skill 2-3-1.


Most Feared Hero

Finally, there is Fanny, this Fanny is a hero assassin who hates Eudora. Because when you fight it, it’s not the enemy who dies, it’s the Fanny who gets killed.

Fanny must be very careful when flying towards her opponent, she must know whether Eudora’s 2nd skill has been issued or not, because if she doesn’t, Fanny will die right away.

Those are the 3 assassin heroes who easily countered by Eudora Mobile Legends.

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