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3 Easy Ways to Merge PDF Files into One

Portable Document Format or commonly known as PDF is a file in a format developed by Adobe Systems for the purpose of sending documents digitally. The PDF format will display a 2D file that already includes text, images, or 2D vector graphics.

These days, PDF is a very commonly used file format. Various ebooks and digital documents already use this format. Even various official documents are now starting to switch from word format to PDF format.

Unfortunately, unlike word documents which we can convert easily, PDF documents can only be edited using special software, including to reduce and combine them into one document.

Therefore, this time Cari Signal will review several ways to combine PDF files. Approximately using any method? Can you merge PDF files without software? All the answers are in the following review, yes!

1. How to Merge PDF with Desktop Software

PDF Reader Free_

The first way to merge PDF files is to use software which can be downloaded and installed on your computer or PC.

Yes, there are many software free and paid which you can choose to edit and merge PDF files into one as needed. Well, on this occasion, we want to share information about how to combine PDF with software desktops.

For example, we use one of the software which can be downloaded for free via the Microsoft Store. Software it’s called Merge PDF Free. Here are the steps you can follow to merge PDF files:

  1. download application PDF file combiner/editor available on the internet. As we have said, here we will use software Merge PDF Free
  2. Install the app or the program and wait until the installation process is complete
  3. Open the app, then select PDF file that you want to combine by pressing the button “Add PDF Files”
  4. After the file is selected and successfully uploaded to the application, press the button “Merge PDF Files” to merge the PDF files
  5. Wait until the merging process is complete and save file that has been merged into your computer

Well, how? Very easy, right? Oh yeah, usually software which is free has its own drawbacks, you know. If you have more budget, it never hurts to try to buy software paid like Adobe Acrobat Pro.

In software paid like this, usually the features offered are complete compared to the free ones. Usually, you can not only merge PDF files, but also convert them to other formats.

However, if your budget is limited and you don’t really need other features besides combining PDFs, it’s not wrong to choose software free.

2. Merge PDF with HP Apps

merge pdf_

Well, for those of you who want to combine PDF files more practically, this method can be applied. Yes, you can combine several different PDF files with the apps on your Android phone.

One application that provides PDF merging services on Android phones is A1 Office Apps with its PDF Maker, Viewer and Converter. Here are the steps to merge PDF on Android with this application:

  • Download app PDF Maker, Viewer and Converter here
  • When finished downloading, open the application and select menu “Tools”. If you use this app for the first time, there will be a request for access permission for documents on your phone. You can allow the app to access all documents on your phone, or skip ahead to this access permission stage
  • If you have, there will be a menu of PDF editing options to choose from. To merge files, click the icon that says “Merge PDF”
  • Next, the app will take you to the file merging page. Choose “Select Files” to select the documents you want to merge
  • Do not forget select file storage location by clicking the button “Choose” at the bottom right, then specify file storage folder according to the needs
  • If so, please click the button “Merge files” to merge PDF documents
  • Wait until the process is complete and name the file which has been combined, then save it on your phone by clicking OK

Since this is an application that can be used for free, of course there will be a lot of ads that appear when you use this application to merge PDF files. If you want an ad-free application, you can try checking some of the other recommended PDF file editing applications from Carisignal here.

If you want to use other applications on your Android phone, don’t worry about confusion, because almost all applications apply file merging procedures similar to the steps we described above.

3. How to Merge PDF Using Online Services


Apart from using software desktop and mobile, another way to combine PDF files is through online PDF editing sites. Of course, there are tons of sites like this that you can find on the internet. One of them is

This time, we will tell you how to create a PDF file through the site. Here’s how to create a PDF via this site:

  1. Enter the browser that you on your computer, then visit this link
  2. After the site page appears, select the option “Join” or “Merge”
  3. Select document want to combine, click and hold on the documentthen drag file to a purple window that says “Drop PDF Here” or “Drag PDF here” which is on the website. Wait for the file to upload successfully
  4. Choose “Merge Files”
  5. Edit file You are in the desired order
  6. When you have finished tidying up the documents in order, click the button “Merge PDFs!” or “Merge PDF!” which is at the bottom.
  7. If you want to save the file on your computer, download files that you made

Apart from being available in a free version, this site also has a pro service that allows you to merge PDF files based on the page, instead of just merging two files directly. In addition to, you can of course choose other sites according to your preferences.

So, those are some ways to combine PDF files that you can apply easily. You can choose the most suitable method according to your individual needs, yes.

Merging multiple PDF files is very useful for tidying up cluttered files on your PC or laptop hard disk, as well as phone storage even though they will increase in size. Especially if you don’t use external storage memory on your Android phone.

Well, to save more storage space and not make it messy, you can also reduce the size of the merged PDF file by following this tutorial.

If you have an Android app recommendation, softwareor a good PDF editing site, please share it with other Carisignal readers via the comments column below.