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2nd Week of Regular Season, Woman Star League Gets 3 million Views in 3 Days

The second week of the Regular Season of the Mobile Legend Woman Star League game tournament, officially finished on Sunday (7/2) night WIB. There are many big games.

The big match on the first day of the 2nd week was closed with a meeting between the champions and runners-up of last season’s WSL. The match was very tight so that each team had to settle for 1 point. The streaming video with a duration of more than 6 hours was successfully watched by 1 million viewers in less than 20 hours.

No less spectacular, as many as 940 thousand views were recorded in the WSL live streaming audience column for the next day. The reason is, the big match between Belletron Era against AlterEgo is enough to grab the public’s attention. The leader of the standings was successfully made into trouble with a point-sharing result by Belletron Era who performed brilliantly. This is Alter Ego’s first draw after successfully winning 4 matches in a row in the previous matches.

In the closing event of the 3rd week, the Alter Ego, who was successful as a dark horse in the Regular Season phase event, was forced to hand over its leadership throne to Evos Ladies after losing in the final party on the last day. Had been championed to win, AlterEgo was not even able to compete with the might of the team that became the defending champion in the WSL event. This is AlterEgo’s first loss in the Regular Season phase in this 2nd season. The Regular Season video streaming which shows this match has also successfully captured the attention of 979 thousand views in 20 hours.