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2K Reportedly Developing Competitor Games for Rocket League

2K Games does have a lot of secret projects that look interesting. One of them that was slightly revealed was a new game called Gravity Goal.

In the leak, Exputer said that this game was made to be a rival to Rocket League. But the difference is, in this game project the player is said to be riding a Tron-style motorbike.

It’s unclear how much similar Gravity Goal is to Rocket League. But reportedly the premise of the game is more or less similar to Rocket League.

Players will be able to choose 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 modes. And in the arena later players will also be asked to put the ball into the goal with the help of the vehicle used.

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But the difference with Rocket League is that this game has a better action aspect than the original game, which is more purely football-oriented.

Tron Legacy

In Gravity Goal, players will have additional ‘disks’ which can later be thrown at the enemy team’s vehicle to do damage.

The disc is shaped like a hockey puck that glows brightly because of the LEDs. When hitting the enemy this object will make the enemy vehicle slow down or even stop for a few seconds.