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24 Ways to Update PES 2022 PS4 Full Transfer Players!!

For PES 2022 players on PS4, of course, you can’t wait to see Lionel Messi at PSG or Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United. Therefore, in the following article we will explain how to update PES 2022 PS4 players.

Lately, the world of football is being discussed, especially regarding the move of Lionel Messi from Barcelona to Paris Saint Germany (PSG) until the return of Christiano Ronaldo to MU. This has also been adapted into the PS4 version of the PES 2022 game.

Well, as a player, of course, you are really looking forward to the PES 2022 player update with the latest transfer market. Don’t worry, this dream can now come true as long as you continue to follow this article to the end.

So, recently a patch data has been released containing the overall player update, aka Full Transfer. Well, instead of being curious, just look at the procedure for updating PES 2022 PS4 players below.

Terms of Using PES 2022 Patch Data on PS4

Terms of Using PES 2021 Patch Data on PS4

Before going into the main discussion, please note that to update players in PES 2022 following the current transfer market, certain terms and conditions apply. Are as follows :

1. Have a Fat32 Format Flashdisk

To move files or patch data containing player updates, you need a Flashdisk device with Fat32 format. Apart from this format, the Flashdisk will not be read on the PS4. Also make sure that the Flashdisk has at least 5 GB of storage space available.

2. PES 2022 Is The Original Version (Disk / Digital)

In addition, player update patch data also only applies to the Original version of the PES 2022 game, both in the form of disk (cassette) and digital (purchase via PS Store).

3. PC / Laptop Devices

Here you also need a device in the form of a PC or laptop for extract patch data contains player updates.

4. Make sure the PS4 Device is Connected to the Internet

Then to transfer PES 2022 player data on PS4 also requires a stable internet connection. In addition, make sure you are logged into your PS4 account.

How to Update PES 2022 PS4 Players

How to Update PES 2021 PS4 Players

After fulfilling all the terms and conditions above, it is time for us to move on to the procedure for installing PES 2022 patch data for player updates. This method is not much different from when INSTALLING PES 2022 PATCH to display the corresponding Club Logo, Competition and Jersey. Without further ado, just take a look at the full tutorial below:

1. Download Options File

Download Options File

First of all please Download Options File or PES 2022 PS4 player update patch data via PC or Laptop. For the download link, you can click here.

2. Extract Files

Extract Files

After that Extract files until a folder named WEPES appears. If so, please Copy the WEPES folder to your flash drive.

3. Go to Settings

Go to Settings

Then turn on the PS4 then open the menu Arrangement / settings

4. Select Application Stored Data Management

Select Application Stored Data Management

Then select menu Application Stored Data Management.

5. Select Delete

Select Delete

On the next screen please click Wipe.

6. Click eFootball PES 2022 Season Update

Click eFootball PES 2021 Season Update

After that, data from some of the games you have will appear. Just choose eFootball PES 2022 Season Update.

7. Clear System Data & Edit Data

Delete System Data Edit Data

Then check the little box on the left System Data and Edit Data. If so, press Wipe in the lower right corner.

8. Run PES 2022 on PS4

Run PES 2021 on PS4

Now run PES 2022 on PS4 then open the menu Settings.

9. Click Edit

Click Edit

Next go to Edit.

10. Press Import/Export

Press Import Export

Then press menu Import / Export in the below section.

11. Select Delete Images

Select Delete Images

Here please click Delete Images.

12. Delete All Images

Delete All Images 1
Delete All Images

Then select Strip (L) -> Delete All Images then press Round button (O) on PS4 controllers. Do the same way to delete other image files.

13. Click Save

Click Save

After all images have been successfully deleted, now click Save.

14. Open Apply Latest Live Update

Open Apply Latest Live Update

Back again to the home page, here you go to Arrangement then select Apply Latest Live Update.

15. Tick Everything

Tick ​​Everything

For Club Squad Updates and Update National Squads please check everything then click OK.

16. Go to Edit

Go to Edit

If you have, now enter the menu again Edit in Arrangement.

17. Import Team

Import Team

Then press menu Import Team.

18. Click OK

Click OK

Click OK when the display appears as shown above. After that, select storage device installed on the PS4.

19. Press the Square Button

Press Square Button

Then press the Square button for check all player update files. After that press O for Confirmation.

20. Data Import In Progress

Data Import In Progress

Next you stay waiting for the Import Data process to finish.

21. Import Competition

Import Competition

If you have, now just go to Import Competition.

22. Import Competition in progress

Import Competition in progress

Follow the same procedure as the Import Team stage. After that you stay waiting for the Import Competition process to succeed.

23. Press Save

Press Save

Press X button up to the page Edit Menu. Press Save to save changes.

24. Player Update Successful

Successful Player Update

Until here you have successfully updated PES 2022 PS4 players. Have a nice play!!

Advantages of Updating Players in PES 2022 PS4

Advantages of Updating Players in PES 2021 PS4

After knowing the requirements for the procedure for updating PES 2022 players on PS4, now you also need to know that the method above offers several advantages for users. Are as follows :

1. Secure Patch Data

First, the player update patch data that we present above is 100% safe. This means that when you install the file, you don’t have to worry about damage to the PES 2022 Original game data.

2. Full Transfer Season 2022/2022

Second, the data above supports the update of Full Transfer players in the 2022 / 2022 season. So, for Barcelona users, you can already enjoy new players like Kun Aguero, Memphis Depay and Eric Garcia. Likewise for other Club users such as Manchester, PSG, Real Madrid and so on.

3. No Need to Buy PES 2022 Full Transfer Game

Third, if you have managed to do the above method to update PES 2022 players on PS4, you no longer need to buy the PES 2022 Full Transfer game. Thus, you can save costs around 250-450 thousand rupiah.


That’s the information from regarding the procedure for updating players to the latest PES 2022 jersey on PS4. Through the method above, you can play PES 2022 with players who have updated Full Transfer. The above patch also works properly when PES 2022 is released, so you don’t need to spend more money to buy PES 2022 games on the PlayStation Store, eCommerce or Merchant Offline.