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24 Ways to Set PUBG So It Doesn't Shake When Shooting / Stable 2022

How to set PUBG so it doesn’t shake when shooting – Your ears are no stranger to the PUBG Mobile game. Where this battle royal genre game is one of the exciting games and is played by many people.

But there are some technical things that need to be done so that when playing the PUBG Mobile game it can be more exciting. One of the most important things is setting PUBG so it doesn’t shake when shooting and remains stable.

Because with a shot on target at the enemy, it is very likely that you or your team will have a chance for a Winner Chicken Dinner. That way you need PUBG settings so that they don’t shake when you start shooting.

So how do you set it up? Junebe for old PUBG players it’s not a difficult matter, but new players will ask how to set it. Don’t worry, we will show you how to set PUBG Mobile so it doesn’t shake when shooting.

How to set PUBG so it doesn’t shake when shooting

Usually unstable or wobbling when shooting in the PUBG game occurs when a player shoots or is called recoil. And for some PUBG players, this is what is sometimes difficult when trying to shoot enemies.

So that recoil can mess up the direction of the shot or aim which makes the player miss when shooting or rocking occurs. Therefore it is necessary to set PUBG so that it does not shake when shooting.

Regarding the setting method, you can adjust the ADS, camera and gyroscope settings. To make it clearer how to set PUBG Mobile not to shake when shooting at enemies, we have summarized the right way to set it. Check out the method below:

1. ADS Sensitivity Settings

1. ADS Sensitivity Settings

First, please set it in the ADS (Aim Down Sight) sensitivity section, ADS itself is the PUBG setting for shot recoil control. Adjusting ADS sensitivity can help you shoot more accurately at close ranges quickly.

For PUBG players who are looking for a way to set the PUBG scope so it doesn’t shake, maybe the solution can be in ADS Sensitivity. Where the higher the sensitivity value, the higher the control over shot recoil. For how to set it like this:

  • No Scope 3rd person (TPP) = 70%
  • No Scope 1st person (FPP) = 85%
  • Red Laser, Holographic, Sight = 28%
  • Scope 2x = 28%
  • Scope 3x, Win 94 = 24%
  • Scope 4x, VSS = 24%
  • Scope 6x = 12%
  • Scope 8x = 4%

2. Camera Settings

2. Camera Settings

Second, setting PUBG Mobile so it doesn’t shake when shooting can be done by setting or adjusting the camera. Because the camera angle will greatly affect the shot when shooting. You can set the direction of the viewing angle on the sensitivity of the scope.

Because it is very important when shooting with a high scope, this usually requires more movement because you will be aiming at the enemy’s target area. For how to set the camera can see below.

  • No Scope 3rd person (TPP) = 80%
  • No Scope 1st person (FPP) = 51%
  • Red Laser / Red Dot, Holographic, Sight = 40%
  • Scope 2x = 24%
  • Scope 3x = 17%
  • Scope 4x = 11%
  • Scope 6x = 9%
  • Scope 8x = 5%

3. Gyroscope Settings

3. Gyroscope Settings

In addition to the two settings above, you also need a gyroscope setting to be able to aim at the enemy so they don’t shake. The Gyroscope itself is a sensor on a cellphone that PUBG players can use to help change the direction of the shot to the target more quickly.

That way, if you change the gyroscope setting then you can change the direction and hold the shot recoil by simply moving the cellphone. It’s just that not all cellphones / smartphones are equipped with this one sensor. Now for how to set the gyroscope, see below.

  • No Scope 3rd person (TPP) = 220%
  • No Scope 1st person (FPP) = 220%
  • Red Laser / Red Dot, Holographic, Sight = 300%
  • Scope 2x = 300%
  • Scope 3x = 300%
  • Scope 4x = 235%
  • Scope 6x = 105%
  • Scope 8x = 90%

Discussing how to set finger control, you can set it in such a way with the convenience of the players. You can set the PUBG Mobile gyroscope full 2 ​​fingers no recoil or 4 fingers according to comfort when playing it.

Shooting Tips So It Doesn’t Shake

After successfully knowing how to set PUBG Mobile so that it doesn’t shake or is more stable and shoots straight when shooting, you also need to know tips for shooting on target and not shaking. There are several ways that you need to know, such as for example:

  • When you feel the shot is unstable and straight, it can be overcome by shooting with your left thumb and right thumb holding the weapon to keep it stable.
  • Then if you want to produce a closer shot, you can shoot while squatting.
  • Besides that, you can also prone or lie down when shooting so that it is tighter and doesn’t shake.


Seeing the PUBG settings so that they don’t shake when shooting above, there are a few things that players need to pay attention to. Starting from the ADS sensitivity setting, camera and gyroscope. Paying attention to these 3 things is likely to make your shot not shake.

In addition, you can combine the settings above with the right shooting tips. Junebe that’s all the discussion regarding how to set PUBG Mobile on Android or iPhone to make it more stable and not shake when shooting that presents.