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2 Ways to Harvest in PES Mobile : Shooting & Penalty

How to Harvest in PES Mobile – As a PES Mobile player, of course, you know how exciting this soccer game is. Yes, PES Mobile presents the concept of a Football game like in real life.

In PES Mobile you can act as a Manager as well as a Player. Here you are required to build a Club containing many of the world’s best players. Later you can also take part in various competitions from Konami to make matches against other users online.

Then as a PES Mobile User, of course you want to win in every match. That way, you must know some secret tricks in PES Mobile, one of which is how to do the Panenka kick.

If you can master the Panenka kick procedure, it is guaranteed that your opponent will be mentally hit and the game will get worse. Don’t know what a Panenka kick is yet? If so, just see the full explanation below.

What is a Harvest Kick?

What is a Harvest Kick

The Panenka kick is one of the Penalty kick tricks that was first introduced in the 1976 World Cup Final. This kick was taken by a Czechoslovakian player, namely Antonin Panenka.

The penalty kick scored by Antonin Panenka at that time was the key to Czechoslovakia’s victory over West Germany. Meanwhile, Panenka’s kick itself is a high and slow kick with a very focused direction.

Football players can do this kick by directing the outside foot to the inside of the ball. Apart from being used when executing penalties, the Panenka kick can also be used to shoot when the opposing goalkeeper tries to snatch the ball from the feet of the ball carrier.

Regardless of the history of the Panenka kick, now every Football game has provided a way to do the Panenka kick, including in PES Mobile. For those of you, PES Mobile players must know how to do a Panenka kick.

Things to Pay Attention to Before Doing Harvest

As we know that in PES Mobile you can do various kinds of kick tricks, ranging from free kick tricks, corner kicks, how to do Dipping Shot, Rishing Shot and so on.

But it turns out that this is not the only trick that can be done, but there is also a way to do Panenka. This method is still rarely known to PES Mobile players, unless they are the Pro Players of the game.

Before we explain how to do Panenka, first you need to pay attention to the following things:

1. Player Position

First, if you want to shoot with the Panenka method, you have to be completely free or one-on-one with the opposing goalkeeper. Later if the opposing goalkeeper approaches, you can easily do this trick.

2. Power Kick

Second, power or kick power is also an important key to your success in doing Harvest in PES Mobile. So, the power should not be too hard, it should not be too weak, maybe between 40 – 50%. But still pay attention to the distance or position where you do the trick.

3. Player Control Skills

Third, so that the Panenka trick can run smoothly, we recommend paying attention to the control skills of the player who will become the Harvest Executioner. Make sure the control skill of the player is at 85 to 99%. The goal, of course, is for players to be able to dribble agilely past opposing defenders to face one on one with the opposing goalkeeper, then score goals by means of Panenka against the opponent’s goal.

How to Harvest in PES Mobile

How to Harvest PES Mobile

If you already understand some of the things that need to be considered when doing Panenka, now let’s move on to the procedure for doing the kick trick. So, please note that in PES Mobile you can do Panenka when executing a Penalty kick or when you are in a position One on One with the opposing goalkeeper.

As for how to do it, it’s very easy, that’s enough press the Shoot / Shoot button then swipe the navigation towards the top. But there is a slight difference when doing Shooting Panenka and Penalty Harvesting in PES Mobile. For more clarity, please refer to the procedure below:

1. Harvest Shoot

Harvest Shoot
  • Make sure the player who will be the Executor of Harvest has enough shooting space
  • Also make sure the position of the opposing goalkeeper is on one side of the bar, either right or left, the point is that there is empty space on one side of the goal
  • After that point the Analog towards the empty space
  • If so, just press the Shoot button followed by sliding the Shoot button upwards. For power or the power of the kick, adjust the distance of the player to the goal
  • Then the player will do a Panenka Shoot

2. Penalty Harvest

Penalty Harvest
  • Determine the direction of the Penalty shot
  • Then press and slide up the Shoot button
  • The power is just a little, about 30%
  • If successful, the ball will bounce and land slowly into the opponent’s goal


So that’s the procedure for doing Panenka in PES Mobile when shooting or executing a penalty. Above the team also explained several important points that need to be considered if you want to be successful in harvesting in PES Mobile. Hopefully this information can add to your skills in playing PES Mobile.