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2 Ways to Earn Knuckle Kicks in PES Mobile 2022

In the PES Mobile 2022 game, there are several kick tricks, one of which is Knuckle. How to produce a Knuckle kick in PES Mobile 2022 maybe you must know if you want to score goals from a distance.

To do the Knuckle shot trick, you must have a player with a high kick power rating. In addition, there are also special skills that the player must have.

The knuckle shot itself is a deadly dive kick trick. This one shot trick is enough to overwhelm the opposing goalkeeper.

At this point, of course, you are starting to be curious about how to produce Knuckle shots in PES Mobile 2022. Well, to answer that curiosity, just see the full tutorial below.

Here’s How to Get a Knuckle Kick in the Complete PES Mobile 2022

How to Earn Knuckle Kicks in PES Mobile 2022

How to Earn Knuckle Kicks in PES Mobile 2020

The Knuckle Shot or Knuckle kick in the PES Mobile 2022 game is a favorite trick of many players. Well, if you are a player of the game, below Gadgetized has prepared the procedure for doing a Kunckle shot to score a goal:

  1. Press the run button to the opponent’s defense area.
  2. After approaching the penalty box area, please tap the Shot button until the indicator turns yellow.
  3. Then the player will do a Knuckle kick into the opponent’s goal.

Note: The above trick is very effective for scoring goals from distance.

Who Can Do the Knuckle Shot?

Who Can Knuckle Shot

Can all players in PES Mobile 2022 produce Knuckle kicks? the answer is NO. The trick above only applies to players who have expertise or skills Knuckle shot. Some players who support this skill include C. Ronaldo, Neymar Jr, G. Batistuta and A. Griezman. For those of you who have these players in the squad, of course you can apply the above method to produce Knuckle kicks and score goals.

Knuckle Shot Trick During Free Kick

Knuckle Shot Trick During Free Kick

In addition to the above method, we also have another way to produce Knuckle shots, namely through Free Kicks. For more details, just take a look at the tutorial below:

  1. Make sure you get a foul near the penalty box (approximately 30 meters from the opponent’s goal).
  2. Then position the direction of the kick straight into the empty side of the opponent’s goal.
  3. If you already slide the screen straight in the intended direction.
  4. In doing slides you must have feeling right.
  5. If so, the executor of the free kick will immediately do a Knuckle shot through the opponent’s net.

Note: For the Knuckle shot trick in free kicks we recommend using a player like C.Ronaldo or Roberto Carlos.

That’s all can present regarding the procedure for producing Knuckle shots in PES Mobile 2022. The above trick is mandatory for you to use if you want to break into the opponent’s goal from a distance. In addition, keep in mind that Knuckle kicks can only be done by players who have a special Knuckle shooting skill. Usually a striker or winger with CARD TYPE Legends and Highlights have those skills.