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2 Ways to Change Name on Call of Duty Mobile Android & iOS

On this occasion, the Game will tell you how to change your name in Call of Duty Mobile or COD Garena very easily for free. Indeed, changing the name on the game account can certainly occur for several reasons.

The name or nickname on a game account or any account is certainly very important for its use. On the other hand, other users will also easily find you by that name.

To be able to change the account name on Call of Duty Mobile, you actually need a Rename Card which is sold for 500 CP. CP or commonly referred to as COD Points is the currency that applies in this Call of Duty Mobile game.

That way you first buy it with the original currency or top up. But on this occasion the Game will tell you how to change the free one, so you don’t spend money.

How to Change Name in Call of Duty Mobile Without Buying CP But With Credit

The method is actually very easy, that is, you have to complete the available missions. So that later you get credit (C), now this credit can later be used to change your name or nickname.

With credit, you don’t have to spend a dime to buy or top up the CP. Well here’s an easy way to change the name with CP:

1. First, open the Call of Duty game application.

2. Then continue by buying a Rename Card, by selecting SHOP.

Choose SHOP

3. After that you select the icon Rename Card the.

Choose Rename Card

4. If you have, you will be taken to a new screen, and click BUY in the bottom right.

Click BUY

5. If you have clicked C to buy the Rename Card using Credit, then click BUY. At this point first to make sure your C (credit) is sufficient to buy or pay for it.

Click Credit

6. If the Rename Card has been paid or purchased.

7. Continue by logging into your profile by clicking on the avatar in the upper left corner.

Go to Profile

8. After logging in, you will be taken to the next screen. Click here.

Click On This Icon

9. Then continue by clicking edit in the nickname section.

Click Edit in the Nickname

10. Enter the new name. Last click CHANGE.

Enter New Name and Click Replace

So that’s how to change the name on Call of Duty Mobile for free just by using the credits you collect by completing missions. Hopefully the method presented by the Game above can be useful and useful for all of you Call of Duty Mobile game players.