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2 Tank Heroes That Can Effectively Counter Julian Mobile Legends

You must know that there are at least 2 tank heroes who can counter Julian Mobile Legends easily and effectively in the SPIN Esports version.

Julian has become a rising hero lately in Mobile Legends, a new hero officially released some time ago but has become a favorite for players.

Players often fight for this hero in rank or even ban him often. Now about that, you shouldn’t have to join in banning Julian when playing Mobile Legends rank.

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Why? Because this fighter hero is easy to beat, there are 2 tank heroes who can easily and effectively counter Julian Mobile Legends, anyone?


Mobile legends strongest tank hero
Photo via Twitter

First there is Franco, who has a very terrible ultimate which becomes Franco’s main weapon to counter Julian.

It is guaranteed that when Julian is hit by Franco’s skill 3 he will not be able to do anything, not to mention Franco has skill 1 which can pull Julian towards him until he is ganked by Franco’s colleagues.


Hylos Mobile Legends

Finally, there is Hylos, according to SPIN Esports Hylos is the most effective tanker to counter Julian.

He has very thick blood so Julian will find it difficult to beat him, not to mention Hylos also has considerable damage from his 2 and 1 skills that are able to defeat Julian.

Because Julian is a very skill dependent hero and even though his skill cd is fast but it’s enough for Hylos to beat him.

Those are the 2 tanker heroes in Mobile Legends that can counter Julian very easily and effectively.

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