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2 Main Benefits of Having a Mini Map in Mobile Legends (ML)

One of the important elements that you must know and understand when playing Mobile Legends is the mini map, where this mini map has a very large function.

But its main function is to tell you the position of opponents, friends and forest monsters.

Now about that, there are 2 benefits related to the presence of a mini-map in Mobile Legends (ML) that you should know in order to understand how important this feature is.

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Knowing the Position of Opponents & Friends

exp gold lane mobile legends offlane
Source: Ligagames Esports

As we said earlier, the mini-map in Mobile Legends has the main function of being able to accurately determine the position of your opponent and friend.

We can know when our comrades are in a team fight, digank opponents, farming and so on.

Predicting Opponent’s Position

Map Awareness MLBB
source: Mobile Legends

The second benefit is being able to predict where the opponent’s position is when they are recalling, farming, killing a lord or turtle and so on.

Usually this benefit is needed by hero users with long range skills such as Selena, Moskov, Xavier, Franco and so on.

Those are the 2 benefits of having a mini-map in Mobile Legends that you should know, the mini-map itself is usually in the upper left corner of your MLBB screen.

So keep an eye on the mini map when playing Mobile Legends because its function is very useful.

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